&& A Happy New Year - Task One.

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Oh My Gosh! You guys are the greatest! Such an incredibly, overwhelmingly positive response to my first Letter Exchange project! Eeeek! makes me want to create so many more!
Okay enough with the gushing.. down to business.. So Everyone who applied has been partnered up (check your junk mail if you're waiting on an email or contact me here) && I bet you're all dying to know what your first project is.. Well Drumroll please! (or something less cliché')
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Ta-Daaa.. Yes, Your first task shall be to put together a lovely little "New Years Eve in an Envelope" for your partner. Think Sparkles & Glitter & Resolutions & Midnight Kisses. Think Fireworks & Friends & Staying up way to late, just to watch the sun rise on the first day of the new year. Got that? now shrink it down & stuff it in an envelope!
Let's Get Creative - think outside the box. What is essential for your Ideal New Years Eve, Do you have a resolution kit? Make them Bright & Sparkly & Confetti Filled - So much so that your partner can't help but to celebrate!
I've also created a little Pinterest Board & Plan on posting my "NYE in an envelope" on ze blog before the send deadline just to make sure your head explodes with inspiration & glitter! ps. If you have any brilliant ideas please leave a comment or two on this post!
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1. Your Envelope stuffed full of all things New Years Eve-ish needs to be postmarked by December 13th - this is to ensure your partner will receive it before NYE!
2. Your Envelope should be a C5 Size ie: fit an A4 Paper folded in half. (it can be larger if you'd like it to - but expect to receive something this size..) 
3. I'm not big on Monetary Values but am hoping everyone will aim for around $10AUD - just ensure you put effort & creativity into your envelope && I'm sure your partner will be happy.
4. Take photos! && Link back to the blog or #aahnyproject
5. Send something you'd love to receive!
If you have any Problems, Questions or Comments please don't hesitate to contact me.


  1. How exciting, can't wait to see what everyone will come up with :)

  2. Ooo,, I likey! Can't wait to start!!

  3. So exciting! Can't wait :)


  4. I am so in love with this idea, so brilliant and inspiring...you're a clever chicken :) xo

  5. What a brilliant idea! I am so excited :D yay!

  6. Fun idea, though my New Years Eves tend to be less "wild party" and more "drinking hot chocolate in my pajamas and watching the Twilight Zone marathon."

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  8. Having so many ideas for this, I hope my partner enjoys it :) Thank you for the inspiration!

  9. I am impressed with your innovative ideas, It gives an inspiration for me. these envelops are very beautiful and i would like to also make envelop for me and my friends.Thanks


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