The Resolution.

So this Year i'm keeping it simple. No Lists - just one simple resolution. But to understand you have to hear my story - Earlier this year My Grandmother Passed away - We were close, She had lived an amazing, long & sometimes scandalous life. I Had filled a book with stories she had told me & recorded her talking about surviving the london bombing and the end of WWII. She was a truly fascinating Lady.
Ever since I can remember She's always written in a diary - I'd never seen inside them, but whenever she used to fly over and visit us, I'd catch her writing in them in the evening - I think I asked to see them once but she politely declined.
I was floored when we flew over for the funeral to find that she had left me a box of journals - 13 journals dating from 1998 - 2012. And a precious amazing perfect thing from 1954. (which chronicled my grandfather's & her move from England to New Zealand via boat & the building of the house she lived in till the day she passed) Every single journal is filled - every day, something is written - nothing deep, or personal - just the weather, what she did that day or who she recieved mail or phone calls from. But it was truly incredible.
So that's my Plan - My Resolution - To write in a Diary every day. Just like she did - so maybe one day my granddaughter will find them & be able marvel in the everyday life of her grandmother 60 years ago.
The 1954 "Good Housekeeping" Diary
The 13 Journals from 1998 - 2012
The lucky First Journal



What were you grateful for?

A Year (or 5 months) of Instagram..

I was a little slow to jump aboard the instagram train - but now that i have, I really couldn't love a social networking app more. Here are a few of my very favourite shots from the last 5 months :) if you'd like to find me try - @paperedthoughts

where it all began..
letter writing 101
Lila's 20th Birthday
&& Seeing my Stickerbombs being used!!
bestfriends getting engaged
&& Falling down
The best thing ever to exist on planet earth.
&& being silly with my bestfriends. <3

Outgoing (Late) Christmas Edition!



All Font's by Moi :) 

A Very Merry(&Bright) Christmas

I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek into my rather traditional(ha) christmas this year. Thankyou so much for all your support of Papered Thoughts throughout the year.. I am looking forward to lots of Mail, Confetti & Pretty Papery goodness for 2013 & I hope you are too! Merry Christmas all you lovely people <3


Want Your own Piece of Mailart?..

There are a Few of my very favourite Pieces of Mailart up on the Papered Thoughts Etsy store now :) Enjoy! 
OOAK Mail Art Piece - "she'll be apples"
OOAK Mail Art Piece - "cheeeese"
OOAK Mail Art Piece - "let them eat cake"
OOAK Mail Art Piece - "love hate"
OOAK Mail Art Piece - "strange beautiful"
OOAK Mail Art Piece - "confetti monster"

Crafted Giveaway Package.

Last Month I participated in the Crafted Blog Christmas Giveaway - Thankyou to everyone who entered! My Lovely Winner was Katie from Punk Projects. - her blog looks super rad! go && have a peek! Anyway here is what she won!! all products are avalible on my Etsy Store.


Etsy Shop Update..

Just a little look at some of the Rad new Products avaliable in a delightful little shop! ha!
Pretty Handmade Neon Confetti Tape
Vintage Postage Stamp Stickers - Set of 10
Recycled Kraft paper Mail / Packaging stickers - for letters, packaging, penpals or journaling.
Rainbow Confetti Garland -- 2.5m --
Vintage Wanderlust Garland -- 2.5m --

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