Washi Tape Envelopes

Washi ++ Envelopes ++ A Lazy Sunday Afternoon..

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The Boy who is Running out of Addresses.

He's way cooler than me & will answer to @dearsincerely - Stalk his blog for more raddness..

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Dearest Magdalena..

I have Pretty Friends With Pretty Names. <3 But Really you should go check this super talented lady out. && if you're in Australia make sure you don't miss out on the uber fantastical events for creatives she's hosting - Unleash Creative.

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Photo by @thecraftrevival

A Handwriting Challenge.

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I want to see yours too! Tag @paperedthoughts on instagram.

12 Days of Parcels #1

A Month or So Ago I was asked by the Uber cool Danni from "Oh Hello Friend" to take part in a curated package swap with 12 other wonderfully talented girls. It was wonderful to be able to connect with & meet & swap & share with them all && I had so much fun putting together my Little package.. So here's part one! - The Package I put together.. Stay tuned for the beautiful ones I received..

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Papered Thoughts
Papered Thoughts2
Photos courtesy of Saturday Morning Vintage. You can find her Package Swap posts here - Part One // Part Two

Photos Courtesy of The Love Parcel

Photo Courtesy of @joyeverafter

Photo Courtesy of Michelle - you can see her 12 days post here.

Photo Courtesy of Nia Neve - Visit her over at Life & Co - you can find her 12 days post here.

Snap Bang Crack.

Christmas 2013 && I decided to create homemade Christmas crackers! They were a huge success - and I had a lot of fun making them! I Bought the Rolls & Snaps from Spotlight && Gathered a bunch of small trinkets, toys, Scratchies & Candy over December.

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December Catchup.

Oh Wow. another year done & dusted. I've decided not to do a reflection post, mostly due to the fact that I've had no time to reflect! It's been a busy few months - a Happy, but exhausting few months. I Hope all your christmasses were Wonderfully bright & your New Years Sparkled. Here are a few highlights from our December.

1 - 5. Christmas eve was spent Falling asleep by the Christmas Tree && Visioning a Bright & Happy 2014.
6 & 7. Christmas day included a Swim in the ocean in the Middle of a Thunderstorm ++ Pretty Flowers in my hair.
8 - 10. New Years eve was a day for the Beach, Lighthouse Climbs & Bike Adventures with the little sister <3

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