"OSA" - Online shopping Addiction 101

OSA or "Online Shopping Addiction" refers to the lack of self control when browsing adorable online shops and the impulse to purchase anything online that is Pretty.

1. Yay for E-Parcels :)
2. The absolutely incredible Scribble Diary from The Scribble Project - Seriously Go get it Now!
3. Chanel 551 "Coco Blue" Nail Polish from Chanel
4. A Magical Mini Severus Snap Figurine from Paper Crane Flint

A Quick Catchup.

1. Tara @ Gin in a Tea Cup
2. Amanda @ Here Comes the Sun
3. Tabi @ Tabitha-Emma

three lovely letters off to three lovely girls..

Guest Posting @ "Is a Virtue"

Today I am over at lovely Kaitlyn's blog "Is a Virtue" - Lot's of pretty Mail Art - so go take a peek! :)  

Bag it.

I've Seen this post Floating around the blogosphere for a while now & after a comment from a dear friend ("Holy Crap.. what is in your bag!").. I decided to let you all have a little peek!! Even I was a little surprised at what I was carting around!

1. A "Dead" Kindle + Chopsticks from my Favourite Sushi Place.
2. Clipboard, Self Made Geometric Stationery + A Letter from Tabitha
3. Wallet + Receipt from Thrifty Link Hardware (I made Garden Beds for my Classroom this week!)
4. A Fluro Pink Measuring Tape + Self made Stickers for Sticker Bombing :)
5. Trusty Pencil Case - Pens, Pencils, Washi Tape, Highlighters + My "Ideas" Journal
6. Ventolin, PawPaw Cream, Kiki K Gel Pen + Upcycled Altoids Tin full of Bobby Pins & Hair ties.

"Oh Hello Friend" Package Swap 2012.

This month I participated in the Wonderful Package Swap from the lovely Danni over at "Oh Hello Friend" - I was a little hesitant to sign up as I never recieved my package from the "Send Something Good" project a few months ago. (I've tried not to Whinge & Complain! but after no contact from my partner - even after numerous polite emails.. I just don't think it's good manners to sign up & not see something through! Ugh.. Rant over :]) but I just could not resist - I adore Danni's Blog & so just had to sign up! So here is What I sent to my Lovely Partner Lea from "We Like to make Stuff"
P.S - being super silly I forgot to photograph what I include.. Hopefully Lea will have some photos up soon! Lea Has some photos up now! click to see them!

Excuse the language but I think it's more than appropriate! - here is the amazing package I recieved from the lovely Lea <3
1. Post Bag - Super excited when I saw it in my mail box :)
2. Oh the Prettiness Inside!
3. "Warning Sunglasses made be needed to open" (I LOVE NEON!)
4. Vintage Map Garland & Tags - Amazing!
5. HOLYCRAPBALLS! - One of my Favourite HP Quotes <3
6. Pretty Packaging
7. "Think Happy - Be Happy" + Butterfly Confetti
8. An Amazing Pencil case!
9. Neon-ness! Packaging courtesy of Lea's Little one :)
10. OH THE NEON! - Envelopes, Nail Polish + More Tags.

Confetti makes ze world go round.

If we've ever had a conversation on paper, virally or verbally - you probably know how much I adore confetti.. Armed with my New Confetti Tape, Lino Tools & Stamp Block. I created some of my own Confetti Stationery. Who doesn't love geometric shapes with a dash of rainbow-rific goodness :)

Washi Wonderful Winner

Just a Quick Hello & to Let you all know the winner of the "Washi Wonderful" Giveaway..


The Lovely Natalie from Awkward & Beautiful - Enjoy Natty, I Hope they come in handy :)

Washi Wonderful

In Celebration of... - Well nothing in particular really! - I just thought it was about time I gave all you lovely readers another pretty fabulous giveaway! This time in Lieu of my Obsession with the Wonderful world of Washi Tape -- I have 4 Brand Spanking New Rolls to giveaway.. Ready to Roll out (Yes I said it!) To one lucky Reader/Subscriber!

L'amende imprimer ~ To Win all you have to do is comment on THIS post ++ Leave an Email/Blog so I can get in contact with you if you win! (&Make sure you're a subscriber to the blog!) 
Giveaway open till Friday the 20th of July Giveaway is now closed, stay tuned for the lucky winner!

Time to jump on board the Washi Train? - here are my favourite Washi Tape, Etsy Sellers.

1. Little Happy Things
2. In the Clear
3. Moose Art
4. Pretty Tape
5. Crafty Japan - My go-to one-stop-shop <3
6. Pikiwachan
7. Washimatta
8. Moose Art


Whenever I'm feeling crappy, sorry for myself or just annoyed with the world - I take a little walk to a beautiful little lookout about 10 minutes from home. Even in the middle of winter I am reminded how freaking lucky I am to live & grow up in such a beautiful piece of the world. Today was no exception. I am Thankful. I am Lucky. I am Home.

Crushing on the Bright Stuff

A Huge Fan of the Neon Movement Happening at the Moment -- here are a few of My Etsy Picks.

1. Neon Faux Leather Feather Earrings by LoveSexton
2. Wildly Comfortable throw cushion by ElRanchoRelaxo
3. Neon Thread Bangle by TheGlossyQueen
4. Boho Painted Driftwood by BonjourFrenchie
5. Fluro Pink Triangle Notebook by LesMiniBoux
6. Geometric Stag Brooch by SketchInc
7. Matryoshka Doll "Little Neons" by SketchInc
8. The Oleg - White Deer Head by WhiteFauxTaxidermy

The Elevated Envelope

This Summer (Winter for me!) I had the Absolute Pleasure of Participating in "The Elevated Envelope Project" created by the incredible Tara Bilven.. If you're into Mail Art, Letters or just Pretty things in general I highly reccommend popping over to her blog & taking part in the next Project!

The Summer 2012 Theme was "Sweet" & after Umming & Ahhing for a few weeks I decided to take it as literal as possible - Candy! With a couple of bright candy wrappers, some glittery paper & Some Super Sweet Song Lyrics (Candy Girl - The Archies ++ Lollipop - Mika) I created these super bright - Sparkly Envelopes (with a few sweet surprises inside!)

From the World of Rin





This Week There was alot of...
1. Mail Tag Fun - Yay for Pretty Typography, Washi Tape && Colour!
2. Sickness.. Chicken Soup, Tissues & Lots of cuddles from Mumma Bear :)
3. New Products from Papered Thoughts - including The Amazing Confetti Tape <3
4. Changes! Including a Big Chop :) Goodbye Dead Ends - Hello Healthy Locks!

&& A Ton of Pretty Mail!
(click on the photo's to visit these wonderful girls!)

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