And the Winner is....

Firstly - Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou to all of you for making this such a succesful giveaway! I will definately be organising more in the future! So keep your eyes peeled! I Drew the winners via random org. Giving each comment a sequential number from 1-41, So now....

1st Giveaway Package - No#14 Chloe M.

2nd Giveaway Package - No#2 Jolly Miss Molly!

3rd Giveaway Package - No#27 Olivia C

&& A Little Special Something will be sent out to these lucky winners as well! No#33 Bree && No#28 Lady Kay

Your Packages should be in the Post within the next week ladies! & I will be sure to Post Photos of Each Giveaway Pack :) What a Lovely way to start 2012!

- Peace & Love

A Wonderful Christmas & A Happy New (MAIL) Year!

Hello Again! I hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas/Holiday & Wishing you all a Fabulous New Year! - I was super spoilt over Christmas...

With Lots & Lots of Wonderful Papery Goodness & Tons of Tools! + My very own Xyron Creative Station 900! Ahhh It is Amazing!

The Christmas Crazy is mostly over So it gave me a good chance to catch up on some mail..
Inspired by Givers Log. I Got a little creative & Sent this Waterbottle to the Lovely Pilgrim - Hopefully it Arrives in Tact!

A Few very pretty Aerogrammes going out to my Various Lovelies Around the globe!

Two Etsy Orders going out to two lovely ladies!

EEEEK! a few (Very) Late Christmas Cards!

If you only ever click on one link on my blog let it be this one - These are two lovely Zines I bought of Etsy from Marissa (Aka: Miss Sequential) & They are honestly the most beautiful Zines I have EVER come across!

Hurry!! It's almost your last chance to enter my Christmas Giveaway! Also due to the Overwhelming Response I have decided to Put together 3 Giveaway Packs - 1st, 2nd & 3rd! - Here is a little sneakpeek at one of them :) Enjoy!

Early Christmas Presents, A Summer Clean & Letter Update!

Eeeeek! Only 2 Sleeps till Christmas! Am about to go Christmas Grocery Shopping with Mother Dearest but thought I'd do a Quick Update - It is Image heavy, as I'm much to exhausted to type much! So away we gooo....

I ventured out to the Sydney "Finders Keepers" Markets that are held bi-annually.. If you ever find your self in sydney/melbourne or i think brisbane this is a MUST do! It's like Etsy come to life! Here are a few goodies I managed to get my hands on!

A Fantastic & Very Clever Zine by Mechelle B. You can find it Here!

The Above 2 Pictures are from a BEAUTIFUL zine "The time you were in Paris" it's written like a very long letter so I adore it!  you must look at it here!

These are my AMAZING Lauren Carney Postcards - Her artwork blows me away every time! her etsy shop is here!

I had a Good Summer Clean this week - I was Ruthless with my supplies & Gave away alot of bits & pieces/paper etc.



I have Nannied two gorgeous boys for 6 years now & the Eldest (who is 7) has taken a huge interest in reading & writing stories (Much to my delight!) So as I couldn't find anything that worked, i decided to create a Totally awesome place for him to write all his stories down! - This is the finished Product & very Happy boy!

There are 5 Dividers covered in Whimisical Papers - with an envelope for secrets on the back page!

Some More Delightful Postcards I have Made (on their way to some very special people!)

I got super spoilt from another family I Nanny for! All these Delightful Products were purchased from my Favourite shop in the entire universe! Little Paper Lane Seriously Gorgeous.

I Have been Searching High & Low for Air Mail Stickers - these are beyond amazing!

& A Lovely lot of Paper & Sticker Masking Tape Set!

INCOMING - I got some lovely Letters this week & My Etsy order from Paper Aeroplanes!

So Many Beautiful Things - it was hard to choose! Paper Aeroplanes @ Etsy

OUTGOING - A Christmas Package for the Beautiful Aly :) 
P.s (Sorry I was Super Busy & Popped the rest of my outgoing in the mail before I thought to take photos! Eeek!)

Just a Little list of my Favourite Books - what are you reading at the moment?

Remember to enter my giveaway! I'm So Ecstatic with the response to my second giveaway - keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for a sneak peek at the package!

Click Here to enter the GIVEAWAY! & Some Pretty Envelopes!

Another Year almost done & Dusted! & What an Eventful year it has been! To Celebrate this JOY-ish time of year please say hello to "Papered Thoughts Christmas Giveaway!" One very special blog enthusiast will win a Beautiful (Surprise) Papered Thoughts Bundle.. Delivered Right to your Postbox! Filled with all kinds of papery goodness & Delights! All you have to do to enter is.... Comment below before the 31st of December 2011 - it's as simple as that! (Please make sure you leave an email address so I can contact the winner!) Oh & Keep Spreading the joy!

I Have Also added some new pretties to my Etsy Store - so check it out!

Mail & Some Handmade Postcards :)

Hello Fellow Postal-ites!

This Week was full of Letters, Presents, Altoid boxes, Sendsomething & Handmade Postcards!

I will be sending the decorated Altoid boxes (filled with holiday surprises!) out to a few very special penpals!

I was having trouble finding affordable Pretty Postcards! So I decided to make a few of my own - these are headed out to a few new penfriends on!

Outgoing December 9th 2011.

A Very Special Letter to a Very Special Lou!

A Brilliant Idea - Realised :)

So - As I said Yesterday I had a Brilliant Idea Pop into my head out of nowhere! - All you Letter writers know the cost of Postage & How it seems to be ever on the increase! So I am in a constant struggle to find things I can send to my Beautiful Penpals that they'll enjoy! So here is where my Brilliant Idea Comes in - A few weeks ago I started playing around with envelopes & the like and came up with an idea for "A Flat Mail Surprise" - An Envelope filled with beautiful(&Useful) bits of Ephemera I've collected all packaged up super pretty! The Pro's are it's Super Light weight (Between 3-6g) & Very Flat so that means low postage!

Here are a Few Pictures of the first two I have created - "Follow your Joy" & "Follow your Bliss" - They are both avaliable in my Etsy Store right now!

Lovely Readers of my blog will also be treated to 15% off my Entire Etsy Store Until December 30th! just use the code - "followyourbliss" 

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