This Week in Letters..



Supplies & Such..

1&2. The most Amazing Stamps you will ever own by O-Check Design. Seriously! You need to get your hands on a pair of these - I cannot put them down! Find them over here at Little Paper Lane
3. Some Pretty new Washi from Table Tonic


This Week my very Bestest Friend in the whole wide world "E" got Engaged :) Totally over the moon for her so I sent out a bright little bit of love to congratulate them!

Outgoing Trend - Portraits..

Found some super duper Rad Portraits in an old issue of the very cool Frankie Magazine.
I think they turned out rather lovely, if I do say so myself!

The Lovely Letters Project Task #3

"My Favourite Things" as part of the Lovely Letters Project 2012! 

Lovely Letters Project #2

Here is what I recieved from the rad Shell over at Kitty and Buck, As part of the 2012 Lovely Letters Project - Yes that is freaking Stitched writing! How cool is that! So Stoked I got such an Amazing Partner - Cooking up a (hopefully) equaly as cool reply now! 

A De-stash Giveaway (x3!!)

Well this weekend I had a lovely (brutal) clean out of all my pretty supplies - and I thought rather than throwing away perfectly good papery things why didn't I just give them to you! It's super easy - just leave a comment on this post and next monday I'll use one of those random generator thingys to find a winner (or 3!) yes that's right - there are 3 different "de-stash giveaway packs"
1. 16 Super adorable Kawaii letter writing kits.
2. 8 Brand New Rolls of Washi Tape
3. A Super Duper Bumper Box Packed to the Brim with all kinds of papery goodness. Including Postcards, Cards, Stickers, Envelopes, Ribbon, Post-its, Paper, Clips, Buttons, Pegs && More!
Unfortunately this giveaway is only open to those with postal addresses in Australia (postage would cost me a bomb!) & it's open till Monday the 19th of November - Goodluck!


Outgoing Trend - Neon.

I Bought a Ton of Neon Card this week & Kinda got a little obsessed - these are just a few of the rad neon envelopes that were created! - Neon.. Yay or Nay?


Card Sets for my First Market Stall in December! Wahoo!

Lusting - "isavirtue" Stationery..

The Ever Lovely Kaitlyn over at isavirtue sent me a sample of some of her rad stationery this week. eeeeek what is not to love about hot pink envelopes - pretty stamps & writing paper! If you're stuck for rad stationery - jump on over to her shop isavirtue & revel in all the pretty paperyness!

The Week in Food..

1. Real Belgium Hot Chocolate at The Greedy Goat
2. The Most amazing Homemade Raspberry Jam I've ever tasted! at The Greedy Goat
3. Iced Latte at The Boat House
4. Delicious Maple Baked Museli, Honey & Vanillia Bean Yogurt at the palm beach cafe.
5. One of My Favourites - Bumbalino - right on the Beautiful Bilgola Beach.

Christmas Crafted Giveaway!

I am very lucky to be taking part in Crafted Blog's HUGE Christmas Giveaway - So if you want to Win some Rad prizes (including some pretty papery stuff by yours truly!) hop on over & Enter today - SO much Pretty! :) Enter Here.

Lovely Letters Task #2.

Here is My Take on the 2nd Task from the Lovely Letters Project task #2. 10 curious questions from the ever inquisitive mind of yours truly :)  

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