Lusting - "isavirtue" Stationery..

The Ever Lovely Kaitlyn over at isavirtue sent me a sample of some of her rad stationery this week. eeeeek what is not to love about hot pink envelopes - pretty stamps & writing paper! If you're stuck for rad stationery - jump on over to her shop isavirtue & revel in all the pretty paperyness!


  1. Kaitlyn has the prettiest stationery, I'm so obsessed! She's also a really lovely person.

    ps. since i'm commenting anyways, haven't heard from you in a bit, just checking to see if you were busy or if you sent something and it got lost?

    holly x

  2. LOVE this! I love that neon is everywhere now!

    x Jasmine

  3. this is really sweet rin, thank-you so much :)

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