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My Beautiful Package arrived from  "Inspire Lovely!" - I was so excited - I ripped opened the package to find these amazing papery products inside!

The Postage time was fantastic - So quick & Everything was wonderfully wrapped up! I am just about to place another order! Such a great shop - I highly reccomend! :)

Visit the lovely shop on Etsy here - Inspire Lovely

Peace & Love
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A 21st, My First Swap & Little Owls! + Ton's of Mail!

-- HUGE UPDATE! -- image heavy (Again! Sorry!)

Well - To Begin, On Monday the 14th of March I officially became an Adult! & Turned 21 :) I was spoilt all day - made the yummiest breakfast and taken to Lunch & Dinner. It was such a great Day! & i have Saturday to look forward too! Because that is my 21st Harry Potter Party! (I shall post photos when it's over!) Anyway I though I'd share with you my Most Beautiful Presents! They are so Great!

My Yummy Breakfast - Smores Poptarts & Cookie Dough Poptarts! + Lots of Ferreo Roches! 

I am a Huge Harry potter Fan! My Mum Handed me this beautifully wrapped present at 12:12pm the time I was born 21 years ago! I opened it to find a second hand copy of the Order of the phoenix - Then i opened it! She had made it into a book with a secret cubby! All by herself & Inside was a Beautiful Citrine & Gold Ring! I Love it! :) 

From my Wonderful Dad I got a Return ticket to the USA - I leave in May for 6 months to become a Camp Counsellor in California over the summer & then travel around for a bit! So this ticket is Amazing! 
He also made it look Harry Potterish :) 

My Sister bought me Washi Tape & A Backpack and the Beautiful Swarovski Necklace in the Picture Below! I was beyond Spoilt! 

My Citrine Ring & Swarovski necklace from Mum & Sister <3 

I got this Adidas watch from my Bestfriend! I don't wear watched normally - But I need one for Camp, So I wanted something Fun & Bright + Something I could knock around & go in the water with!

I was out from 9am till 4pm on My birthday - So it was a lovely surprise to arrive home to !10! Letters in the Mail! I have never recieved that many in one day! It was amazing! + My USA Visa Papers Arrived! Yay!

This was the Mail recieved the day after my Birthday! -----

Package from Uguisu Online - AMAZING prices for Washi Tape! + Some Wonderfully unique "Paper Balloon Cards" VERY quick postage too!

The other package was a Beautiful Button Swap from Jasmine - The letter was so lovely I had to write her one back! I am becoming very addicted to Swap Bot - I am "rinxo" If anybody wants to find me & do a direct swap :) I have also just said up my FIRST public swap :) See below for more info!

Yes! It has become quite an addiction! an expensive addiction too!

Outgoing Mails 16/03/2011! All to my Beautiful Penpals :)

Just a little something I started fiddling around with - Super Cute Owls, I'm going to use them as decorations for my Harry Potter Dinner - But I'm going to continue making them & sending them out to penpals :) do you like?

Also If you'd like to participate in my FIRST swap just visit - or search "rinxo" and on the right hand side look for my swaps! :)

Oh and one Last thing - HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!

Mum wanted to wear something green today - but couldn't find anything that she liked, So i quickly whipped up this stuffed Four Leaf clover Pin for her over breakfast :) Isn't she such a Beautiful Mum!

Gianourmous Update - Image Heavy!

I have been Super Busy organising my Harry Potter 21st for the 19th of March!  (Massive Photo Post when it's finished!) So here is a SUPER image heavy update :) I Shall be posting another soon!

Enjoy ! x

OUTGOING Feb 28 - March 5th

(Nerd PC Swap @ Swap Bot)

(Favourite Book PC Swap @ Swap Bot)


My Beautiful Package I purchased from picklehead on etsy arrived!!

Other Stuffs :)

(A little surprise for my Wonderful Postman! 11:20am on the dot everyday!)

Stocked up on Beautiful Cards from Little Paper Lane :)

My Wonderfully cluttered Workspace (On my bed for the moment)

& Finally - These little finger puppets/Pencil Toppers that I've been sending out :) What do you think - Cute? or not so much? :)

Peace, Love & Happy Lettering!

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