Love Notes & Getting my Mojo back.

I lost my Mojo a month or so back. To the point where I couldn't stand instagram, or writing, or making. I felt so much internal pressure to document and photograph everything I did, So I just stopped all together. Everything. I had no creative motivation, but I also wasn't worried about what everyone else thought, about comments or likes or followers. It took a couple of months to shake off all the bad juju and to start making again, but I did. I wrote some letters - I didn't document them, I didn't photograph them - and the world didn't end. So I wrote some more, I created for me, I spent some time getting back to basics and remembering why I loved what I do.
It was good.
and then something happened. I really wanted to share something I'd created. really, honestly and authentically. That simple.
love notes left around my local #northernbeaches
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some love from greenhouse gypsy

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&& from joscelin.
all I want to do, for the rest of my life, is be that warm yellow light
that radiates around strangers and loved ones alike.

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