Meet Unleash Creative ++ Win!!

If you're going to be in Sydney on May 4th you're going to want to be at the inaugural unleash creative Sydney event. Serious, there's going to be enormous amounts of colour, creativity, pretty things && lovely looking food. Oh and PS - I'll be there as one of your creative mentors! So come & write some love letters with me + connect with a bunch of creative chickas!

Where can you find us? - website // buy tickets // facebook // pinterest // twitter
++ don't forget to follow us on instagram - @unleashcreative

 photo 69b78f6d-868e-4cb1-ba81-da9f4a6ee99e_zpsb890096e.png
(photo credit - @unleashcreative) 
Check out the Photos below from the Unleash Creative Melbourne Event.
 photo 246b5f1b-8cce-4939-b59a-9dbd7199f59f_zps3b351feb.png
(Photo Credit - @sweetlittlepartyco)
 photo e7f53c53-582f-4bb4-9700-29fcfe8d4e9c_zpsf0d175e7.png
(photo credit - @unleashcreative)
 photo dec1a8d8-dda6-40ef-bf6b-f6a566f6aca9_zps2a699949.png
(photo credit - @frecklesandgingerdiy)
 photo 415bfa07-cfff-4247-a959-29e4c6895f91_zps42d8e630.png
(photo credit - @saratiefenbrun)
(photo credit - @thesweetlittlepartyco)

 photo 6ce10f24-410a-44d5-8514-efa43caa8a59_zps2fb0db1a.png
(photo credit - @kitiyapalaskas)
 photo 514dc738-d854-44f9-b4bf-92f9fa16d280_zpse7a4dee2.png 
(photo credit - @froggoosebear)

 photo 5f114709-af75-47eb-b829-0fdb6560d0e0_zps14c6da8b.png
(photo credit - @unleashcreative)
Now here's the amazeballs news - we're giving away a ticket to one of you beautiful people to come & join us for the Sydney event on May 4th!
How to Win: make sure you're following @paperedthoughts ++ @unleashcreative on instagram & repost the giveaway image below with the hashtag #PTfavouritethings (note the Australian spelling of favourite!) This giveaway is open to Australian residents + please make sure you're free May 4th to attend the Sydney workshop!

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Meet Listfully Happy ++ Win!

If you follow me on instagram you're probably already familiar with my little 365 list project #PTlistfullyhappy. So now here's your chance to start your own 365 project! I'm giving away a 365 Journal ++ Creative journal kit - including washitape, kikki k pen & some other little bits of pretty to get you started!
To read more about my 365 list project visit the FAQ post.

How to Win: make sure you're following @paperedthoughts on instagram & repost the giveaway image below with the hashtag #PTfavouritethings (note the Australian spelling of favourite!) This giveaway is open Internationally!!

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Meet Rachel Kennedy Designs ++ Win!

It's that feeling of pure joy when you find a print that looks like it's been created just for you. Like the artist reached into your chaotic mind & pulled out all your favourite things & put them on paper. That's the feeling you'll get when you look at this next designers range.
 photo 26E5C036-1254-4F4F-B9F8-1403CF837760_zps8cm7vgwb.jpg
we call ourselves Rachel Kennedy Designs, mostly because that is my name but also because i couldn't think of anything cool at the time. I do the design work + jarrod (my husband) takes care of the rest. we design paper products.. swing tags, cards, wrapping paper + wall art prints. 
Where can you find us? Website // Facebook
++ don't forget to follow us on instagram - @rachelkennedydesigns

Where did it all begin for you? we started with little Saturday markets around the northern beaches, Sydney with cards we had made just as a creative outlet.
What are your Daily rituals? for jarrod, it's coffee. then more coffee.. for me, it's mostly thanks to our kids (like being up to see the sun rise)

What makes your heart happy? flowers. sunshine. the ocean. clean sheets. i love when the season changes + you can feel it in the air. a simple life is a good life.
Note to self... time, space, rest will make most things better..

In a Past Life..  I was probably not a papyrophobic (Google that one)

What's Next for Rachel Kennedy Designs? I have no idea what's next.. I'll let you know when I work it out. :)

Okay Listen up - you don't want to miss this. How much lovely do you think we could stuff into one giveaway - the answer? A crap-load! Serious amounts of watercolour, calligraphy goodness all by the talented Rachel Kennedy, and all for you!

How to Win: make sure you're following @paperedthoughts ++ @rachelkennedydesigns on instagram & repost the giveaway image below with the hashtag #PTfavouritethings (note the Australian spelling of favourite!) This giveaway is open to Australian postal Addresses only!

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Meet Britt Siva Art ++ Win!

There is something whimsical about watercolours & calligraphy that always seems to pull on my heart strings. So when I stumbled across this incredibly talented girl - I just had to share her with you all..

 photo IMG_2169_zps3a43885c.jpg

Hello! I’m Britt, I'm 20 and from Seattle. I like to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. This idea not only applies to my art, but to the rest of my life as well. I am always trying to find ways to make my art better, but also trying to find ways for me to become a better person. I am by no means perfect, nor is my art, but I am constantly learning.

Where can you find me? Website // Society Six // Facebook 
++ don't forget to follow me on instagram - @bsivaart

Where did it all begin for you? I have always been really into art for as long as I can remember. In elementary school I did a lot of arts & crafts with my grandma and aunt and they would always help me with my school projects and make them super fancy (far from anything you'd expect a 7-10 year old to make). So from then on, I've always been super crafty and love making things. A couple of months ago I got back into painting and posted a few things on my instagram and I guess things kind of just took off from there.

 photo IMG_2179_zps102e8b1d.jpg
 photo IMG_2175_zpsbf287ec8.jpg

Daily rituals.. Coffee. I always start my day with a cup of coffee no matter what, then my day begins after that. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you the same. I also try to paint once a day, even if it's just a little bit.

What makes your heart happy? Movie nights with my best friends. My friend Hayley seriously has the most comfortable couch in the world. Whenever we're all in town that's where you'll find us.

Note to self... The most important thing that I have learned is that you can't please everybody. I am such a people pleaser it is ridiculous. I always want others to be happy and sometimes forget about myself. I have started to apply this to my work too. Not everyone is going to like what I make, but if I'm happy with the result, then that is ok. "Life is too short to be anything but happy"

In a past life I.. Maybe this is where the whole people pleasing thing comes in, so I must have done something to help others/make things better. I honestly have no idea. Whatever I did, I just hope that it was positive.

What's next for Britt Siva Art? Right now I am just focusing on creating a solid foundation for myself. I just hope that people enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it.

 photo IMG_2176_zpsf83dd5b8.jpg
So how much do you want all this lovely up on your walls? Brilliant news - we have 2 Britt Siva Art Prints that need a new home!
How to Win: make sure you're following @paperedthoughts ++ @bsivaart on instagram & repost the giveaway image below with the hashtag #PTfavouritethings (note the Australian spelling of favourite!) This giveaway is open Internationally!
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Meet Galina ++ Win!

Oh Instagram, how I love thee. Especially when you introduce me to amazing local talent like our next designer - the oh so lovely Galina Dixon. Calligraphy, Watercolours, Paper cutting, Graphic Design - you name it, this girl can do it.

 photo 384D5911-473F-4F27-BAF6-C76C56B32594_zpsub6uonty.jpg

I'm Galina Dixon, a Sydney-based designer + typographer. I'm also a wife, a Christian, and recently I became an aunty. I love to create, design, collect, do calligraphy, paper sculpture and blog about it. I specialise in brand design and bespoke invitations. Every letterform or drop of ink is crafted with love and care, in order to create something that's of worth. I'm also a big stationery lover, and have recently opened a boutique stationery store online in hopes of sharing some of my favourite stationery finds from around the world with fellow design lovers and friends..
Where can you find me? Website // Shop // Facebook // Pinterest // Twitter
++ don't forget to follow me on instagram! @galina 
 photo CalligraphybyGalinaDixon2_zps66148b2f.jpg

Where did it all begin for you? Ever since I can remember I have loved to draw and make things. You would never see the top of my desk because it was always covered with paper and art supplies. I fell in love with design in particular in my later years of high school, and went on to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Graphic Design in New Zealand, where I grew up. My professional career as a designer began in Sydney after that.

 photo CalligraphybyGalinaDixon_zps5040859f.jpg

Daily rituals? I love Instagram. It's the first thing I scroll through in the morning, when my alarm goes off on my phone, and the last thing I see before I go to sleep, when I wind down from my day and see how everyone else's day went. I also end my day with reading a few Bible verses, and I also start my day with a soy banana-berry smoothie that I throw together before running out the door for work. I wish I had something more awesome and healthy to brag about, like running each morning, or doing a sea salt scrub in the shower, but I don't do those things frequently enough to call them rituals, I wish I did.
What makes your heart happy? In no particular order: Sunny weekends by the sea. The way my husband kisses me. Beautiful typography. Sleeping in when it's raining. Playing with my baby
nephew. Praising God. Making other people smile. Pavlova. 
 photo FearNotHaveFaithbyGalinaDixon_zps1c8cc4e9.jpg
 photo HandLetteringbyGalinaDixon_zps5064eccf.jpg
Note to self... Lessons you've learned, things to remember. "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." [1 Corinthians 13:13] So my note to self is to do small things with great love.

In a past life I ... I was probably a teacher, because I can be quite bossy. 
 photo WeddingStationerybyGalinaDixon_zps475a9c5c.jpg
What's next for you? I want to continue to refine my craft, particularly in typography and calligraphy. I love letters, so I'm going to continue exploring my passion by creating beautiful typography art with words that inspire, encourage and make the world a more beautiful place.
Oh how special are you feeling? I have a Beautiful "fear not have faith" Galina Dixon Print && they're not even available to purchase yet! Yep. Super Duper Special!
How to Win: make sure you're following @paperedthoughts ++ @galina on instagram & repost the giveaway image below with the hashtag #PTfavouritethings (note the Australian spelling of favourite!) This giveaway is open to Australian Postal Addresses!

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Meet Alex Mae ++ Win!

When you think of custom invitations, it can be a little overwhelming. From paper selection, to printing and design it's hard to know where to begin. Until now - Alex Mae has revolutionised custom invitations - so now you can have your cake & have plenty of time to eat it too! 
 photo 196DC291-070B-4463-B23D-6BA4B9D6477E_zpsyrdmd2ab.jpg

Oh yes - Remember how you met Sarah from daily like au, she's back again! - So when I said before that I like to keep busy... Alex Mae is the biggest project of them all! Alex Mae is a collection of DIY stationery for special events and everyday fun. We design everything in-house and work to create new concepts and ways of doing things..

Where can you find us? Website // Facebook // Pinterest
++ don't forget to follow us on instagram - @helloalexmae

Where did it all begin for you? I opened sarbe, an invitations and stationery store, in 2005 which offered both custom made and DIY invitation options for customers. From my personal experiences creating custom invitations over the years that followed, and also helping customers to create their own at home, I crafted the concept of Alex Mae. I wanted to create a collection of products which made special event stationery simple and easy to make on your own without compromising on quality or design.

Daily rituals.. Hmmm... so apart from the must-have shower and hair wash I also have to wear slippers on cold floors or I'll start sneezing uncontrollably, true story! Think I'm weird yet? Haha!

What makes your heart happy? Oh a really good meal will always put me in the best of moods!

Note to self... Things always happen for a reason, so even though something might seem disastrous at first, there will be something positive to come as a result. This is especially true when you start a new project!

In a past life I.. was taller, much taller!

What's next for Alex Mae? I have so many ideas and concepts that I want to play out with Alex Mae so you can expect to see new products and new designs as we continue to evolve and grow!

Okay So now you've seen all the possibilities where to begin? How about with some gold glitter tape?! Alex Mae is offering 2x rolls of 52mm Gold Glitter Tape just for you!

How to Win: make sure you're following @paperedthoughts ++ @helloalexmae on instagram & repost the giveaway image below with the hashtag #PTfavouritethings (note the Australian spelling of favourite!) This giveaway is open Internationally!

 photo 666CCE82-7A68-434A-AD07-EDD15FB980E3_zpsqbnnvhcc.jpg

Meet Daily Like ++ Win!

Fabric tape, Lace + Buttons Oh my! Daily Like has launched in Australia! and they have some of the loveliest products you've ever seen. trust me. you're going to need them all.

 photo 196DC291-070B-4463-B23D-6BA4B9D6477E_zpsyrdmd2ab.jpg
(photo credit - Tammy Law)

Introducing Sarah the talent behind Daily Like Australia (& a billion other creative endeavours) - I'm one of those crazy people who likes to keep busy! You'll find me dashing in here and jumping over there and it is because of this excitement and energy that I found myself with the unbelievable opportunity to bring the DIY brand Dailylike to Australia. The Dailylike products are just gorgeous and a delight to craft with. It's so exciting to create new ideas and concepts with really great quality product..

Where can you find us? Website // Facebook // Pinterest
++ don't forget to follow us on instagram - @dailylikeau

 photo Image5_zps2dc7c3ff.jpg

Where did it all begin for you? I was originally looking to order the Dailylike products for my own stationery store, but then found there was no official distributor in Australia.  The products are so beautiful and lovely to work with so I jumped at the chance to represent Dailylike and share the collection with the crafters of Australia!

Daily rituals..  Haha I must have a shower and wash my hair every morning!  I like to start the day clean and refreshed!

 photo Image1_zps64331fd0.jpg

What makes your heart happy? I love being surrounded by amazing people and wonderful inspiration. I am very fortunate to work with the best team ever and they certainly make it a pleasure to come to work everyday.

Note to self... Don't take on more than you can physically do! Realise your own personal boundaries and capabilities and work them to your advantage.

 photo Image3_zps1de6d260.jpg

In a past life I.. was an energizer bunny?

What's next for Dailylike? We kicked off 2014 with some awesome craft workshops in January and we'd like to do it again real soon! We met some super inspiring people on our craft tour and we love to get out there and meet new people!

 photo Image4_zps44d3ac25.jpg

Now that you're so desperately in love with all of the daily like supplies - how would you like a chance to win a fabric tape set? yes? I thought so..!

How to Win: make sure you're following @paperedthoughts ++ @dailylikeau on instagram & repost the giveaway image below with the hashtag #PTfavouritethings (note the Australian spelling of favourite!) This giveaway is open to Australian Postal Addresses.

 photo 0D9485FB-0908-431E-8158-D248CB38C858_zps0jv4yhxx.jpg

Meet 20th and Ives ++ Win!

If you know me at all you'll know there's nothing I love more than neon. and when you squish it together with a little bit of gold, letterpress & stationery. Well I may just faint..

 photo IMG_2209_zps7458de47.jpg

Enter 20th and Ives - 20th and Ives (originally Brenster Occasions) is a husband and wife team founded March 5, 2013 by Bren and Sterling Larsen.  "Brenster" is the celebrity mash-up name our friends gave us when we got married (y'know, like "Brangelina), but we think renaming the company after the streets we lived on when we met (20th Street and Ives Street) sounds much lovelier.  We just love cooking, throwing parties, and writing letters.  In our philosophy, all these fluffy things should be more about connecting people than showing off.  We do what we do to help people develop their talents, build relationships, and serve others.

Where can you find us? Website // Etsy Store // Pinterest // Facebook // Twitter
++ don't forget to follow us on instagram - @20thandives

 photo 688425a5-3aa8-4694-9ad8-044bdb0d0ddd_zps8f448f34.jpg

Where did it all begin for you? For us it all began during a huge blizzard in Washington D.C (Snowmagedon 2010)!  That's the week we started dating and conveniently had two weeks of time off work and classes in which to fall in love.  Bren lived on 20th street and I lived on Ives (hence the coming name change) and we have such good memories of walking the two blocks between our houses in three-foot drifts of snow at all hours of the day and night. Now we have two adorable little girls and love going on walks to the park.  The paper thing started for me much earlier, nearly a decade ago while I was living in Taiwan.  I liked working with designers and visiting the printing factories there, so this company is the realization of an old, long-anticipated dream.

 photo 7YoureaGemClose-up_zps322e6d37.jpg
 photo 57c77096-70df-4572-9749-868b83547f3c_zps370a0ccd.jpg
Daily rituals.. We are a bit neurotic.  It takes us about an hour to get ready for bed.  We floss, brush, swish, shower, journal, read scriptures, and pray all before we check on the girls and make sure (for the third time) that the doors are all locked and the oven is off.  We've kept a joint journal every day since we got married and have started jotting down little memories of our girls, too.  It's a bit involved, but it's worth it.

What makes your heart happy? My girls -- the way they sleep, talk, laugh, play.  Long runs on the national mall past all the monuments on a sunny day. Warm chocolate chips cookies.  Singing around the piano with friends.

 photo 2YoureaDear_zpsa860175b.jpg
Note to self... I've learned how important it is to be kind to myself and use the same analytic rigor in assessing my good qualities.

In a past life I... was definitely a potter or a gardener.  For me, bliss is spending the day with clay or dirt on my hands.  

 photo 5YoureaGemStyed_zps2ec9d1d8.jpg

What's next for 20th and Ives? Other than our name change, we want to keep expanding our line and have a booth at the National Stationery Show in  New York in a few years!  We'll be there this May as spectators to see first-hand what it's all about!

&& now some super lovely news - you can win a set of these 4 neon + gold letterpress cards. & then you can try and send them to friends & family.. but it'll be hard, oh so hard. these babies scream to be framed on the wall.

How to Win: make sure you're following @paperedthoughts ++ @20thandives on instagram & repost the giveaway image below with the hashtag #PTfavouritethings (note the Australian spelling of favourite!) This giveaway is open Internationally!

 photo IMG_2204_zps2a526e48.jpg 

Meet Migoals ++ Win!

A company who's aim is to inspire & motivate us to live happy lives everyday? where do I sign up? Seriously..
Meet Migoals created by the uber cool Adam J - all about inspiring us to reach our goals && do more good stuff. I've long been a fan of their clean, organised layouts ++ fabulous typography & quotes splashed within their diaries, calendars + journals. I mean what's not to love?
Their 2014 diary is my diary of choice - you can see how much I adore it here.

Now here's the radtastical part. YOU can win one of their brand spanking new desk pads ++ two "get shit done" notebooks just to make sure you're super organised.

How to Win: make sure you're following @paperedthoughts ++ @migoals on instagram & repost the giveaway image below with the hashtag #PTfavouritethings (note the Australian spelling of favourite!) This giveaway is open only to Australian postal addresses (stay tuned international folks!)

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