What A Wonderful Summer!

Wow - Where to even Begin! Well I am Officially back in the land of Oz after a whirlwind summer in the USA. I had an Amazing time & visited so many beautiful places - including Lake Tahoe & San Fransisco which I loved! Summer Camp was incredible & I met amazing amazing people who I will be visiting for sure in the coming years :) ~ A Seriously Mind Blowing Experience which I'll never forget! But A picture is worth a thousand words....

Butterbeer! nom nom nom.

Harry Potter World Robe :)

Owl Post!

Honeydukes! :)

On the Boat to Universal Studios in Orlando :)

Lake Tahoe - Tahoe City, SO BEAUTIFUL!

My New Home :) Tahoe!

Squaw Valley

Dinner @ Tahoe City


Santa Cruz :)

CAMP! ---

Luna (me) Sweets & Shorty <3

Some of the River Way Ranch Camp Staff

Sports Theme Day. Bubbles, Luna (me) & Sushi

Me, Freckles & London <3

Freckles & I

My amazing tan line after having to cover my tattoo for 4 Months! :)

80's Day!

Out @ the lake with Shooter

Lucky & I - last day :(

Choco & Bubbles.

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