A Very Happy Birthday♥

Hello Hello from a newly 22 year old! - after last years mayhem surrounding my Beautiful Harry Potter 21st & Wonderful trip to the USA - turning 22 was far more low key, which was lovely :)
Here are a few snippets from my day!

The Super Cute Chalk drawing on the driveway mum did in the middle of the night!

My Birthday dinner - set up by the lovely little sister.

The Most Amazing Map from The Most Amazing Shop from Sister & Mumma Bear - Little Paper Lane - is my favourite place in my home town, a beautiful shop filled with beautiful people! ++ They have just opened their online store! Aaaamazing! The Gift below is from the lovely jayde (Who owns the store) && Her wonderful mum Karyn who runs Sweet n' Pretty <3

Hung up in pride of place in my room :) I adore it! Especially because it's a bit unique in the fact that Australia is in the middle rather than to the left - you can really appriciate how big the pacific ocean is & How in the middle of nowhere we really are!

Dad & I at the Hard Rock Cafe Sydney.

Recently Marlous from A Flood of memories & I organised a little package swap - I was Beside myself when her beautiful package arrived on my birthday! Here is a look at the treasures I recieved - keep an eye out for what i sent her over at her blog ..

A Little bit of the Netherlands - some very pretty airmail/typewriter type pretties, Tons of Ephemera & some gorgeous Handmade envelopes!

A beautiful Birthday Package from the lovely Deidre over at Teo Stationery - Don't you just love the vintage Circus girl! So Spoilt :) Thankyou Lovely!

I was super duper excited to recieve this wonderful handmade postcard from my favourite blogger ever Bianca over at Goodnight Little Spoon she is basically the reason i began blogging about my obbsession with mail (Def go check out her amazing blog!) - so thankyou for the love Miss B!

And finally - my incoming mail basket - *Gasp* Where has the time gone! As you can see the sheer amount of WONDERFUL mail I have recieved the last 2 weeks + The horrible illnesses + The busy work schedule have meant that my replies have fallen to the wayside a bit - however over the next couple of weeks i endevour to remedy this & send out some AMAZING replies to all you beautiful people! But your patience is still appreciated :)

Question of the Week (QOTW) -

It's always a struggle to come up with new awesome things that you can send in a flat envelope to a penpal - what is your go to penpal treat? :)

A Project, An illness & some very lovely Letters

Apologies! - Well not really :) I feel like I do an awful lot of apologising on this blog so I've decided to stop - I Adore receiving all your wonderfully beautiful letters, packages, postcards & comments.. but sometimes life gets in the way! Ugh silly life! Like this week when an awful bout of the shiveringskyhightemperaturecoughingsplutteringsneezingaching-itis came to stay - If I had it my way - I'd spend days on end writing letters, bringing the pages of my "Creative Life Ideas and such" journal to life & Blogging all about it.. However that is not the world I live in (not yet anyway!) - So for now I am doing my best to blog as frequently as I can - To respond to all your letters - and to appriciate all your beautiful comments & support (that one is easy!) 

So Hello! Lets get into another Beautiful week(x2) of mail!

Firstly a little peek at a project I have been playing around with for the last few weeks..

Lovely "Hey Pretty Thing" - Postcard - Heavy Cardstock - Pretty Fabric/Scrabble Letter Design

Beautiful "Love Letters" Postcard Set - Heavy Cardstock - Set of 3 Assorted Pretty Fabric/Scrabble Letter Designs.

Beautiful "Wanderlust" Postcard Set - Heavy Cardstock - Set of 7 Assorted Atlas/Scrabble Letter Designs.

The Frustration of not being able to find Lovely Pretty affordable postcards anywhere drove me to create some of my own! What do you think? - You can find them Here at my etsy store <3

and remember the lovely Marlou who won the giveaway at the begining of the month - here is the lovely little package on it's way over to her as we speak!

I Know I very rarely show the contents of the beautiful letters I receive - But I had to make an exception for these two from the lovely Jenny in Taiwan & The wonderful Sarah in the USA - They were just to beautiful to keep to myself!

Jenny's Amazing envelope & Adorable Letter <3

The Beautiful Valentine from Sarah <3

Another Beautiful Package from Reannen <3

My First Inspected Letter :) - Just a little heads up that Australian Customs doesn't like unsealed tea (or Tea in general!) too much - even though I love it!

The Lovely Marlous over at A Flood of Memories agreed to a package/blog swap with me :) here is the package that I created for her - What's inside? You'll have to wait & see!

Just a little snapshot of my reorganised washi tape collection(obsession) I need more.. don't you think!

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