A Very Happy Birthday♥

Hello Hello from a newly 22 year old! - after last years mayhem surrounding my Beautiful Harry Potter 21st & Wonderful trip to the USA - turning 22 was far more low key, which was lovely :)
Here are a few snippets from my day!

The Super Cute Chalk drawing on the driveway mum did in the middle of the night!

My Birthday dinner - set up by the lovely little sister.

The Most Amazing Map from The Most Amazing Shop from Sister & Mumma Bear - Little Paper Lane - is my favourite place in my home town, a beautiful shop filled with beautiful people! ++ They have just opened their online store! Aaaamazing! The Gift below is from the lovely jayde (Who owns the store) && Her wonderful mum Karyn who runs Sweet n' Pretty <3

Hung up in pride of place in my room :) I adore it! Especially because it's a bit unique in the fact that Australia is in the middle rather than to the left - you can really appriciate how big the pacific ocean is & How in the middle of nowhere we really are!

Dad & I at the Hard Rock Cafe Sydney.

Recently Marlous from A Flood of memories & I organised a little package swap - I was Beside myself when her beautiful package arrived on my birthday! Here is a look at the treasures I recieved - keep an eye out for what i sent her over at her blog ..

A Little bit of the Netherlands - some very pretty airmail/typewriter type pretties, Tons of Ephemera & some gorgeous Handmade envelopes!

A beautiful Birthday Package from the lovely Deidre over at Teo Stationery - Don't you just love the vintage Circus girl! So Spoilt :) Thankyou Lovely!

I was super duper excited to recieve this wonderful handmade postcard from my favourite blogger ever Bianca over at Goodnight Little Spoon she is basically the reason i began blogging about my obbsession with mail (Def go check out her amazing blog!) - so thankyou for the love Miss B!

And finally - my incoming mail basket - *Gasp* Where has the time gone! As you can see the sheer amount of WONDERFUL mail I have recieved the last 2 weeks + The horrible illnesses + The busy work schedule have meant that my replies have fallen to the wayside a bit - however over the next couple of weeks i endevour to remedy this & send out some AMAZING replies to all you beautiful people! But your patience is still appreciated :)

Question of the Week (QOTW) -

It's always a struggle to come up with new awesome things that you can send in a flat envelope to a penpal - what is your go to penpal treat? :)


  1. mine should be there any day now!

  2. Happy belated birthday Rin! I had planned to send a little something but totally forgot. I'll try to include something in my next letter. :)
    Glad to see my letter has arrived.

  3. Ahh, Happy Birthday! Looks like you had an awesome day and what a great basket to respond to. :)

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    Lately I've been sending origami cranes :)

  5. Well to bad mine didn't arrive! I'll send you a new one or did you already?

  6. Happy birthday! Looks like a fun day! :)

  7. Ahh lots of wonderful mail <3 I'm glad mine got there safely :)

  8. happy birthday!!
    that chalk drawing is the cutest i've seen. too bad it's mostly rainy around my birthday, but i'll definitely keep it in mind to do for friends :)

  9. ahh I'm so happy to see that my mail arrived safe and sound (I was afraid they would open it because it had tea in it). Your package arrived this weekend and I LOVED it!! I'll try to put it online this weekend :-)
    oh and happy birthday!!!

  10. Happy Birthday, Rin dear! My inbox looks a lot like yours and I am still replying to the wonderful package you sent week before last! Have a wonderful week!

  11. Happy Birthday!! It looks like great fun! You deserve everything that you got on your birthday and you deserve the huge pile of mail lol. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  12. G'day Rin,
    My name is Riley and I am an Aussie who is currently venturing around the United States! I stumbled upon your blog by clicking many links via GoodMailDay.com (a favourite of mine) and am very happy to say, I enjoy your mail pictures and exchanges!!
    I write on average six letters a week, almost always decorated in mail art. My dear amigos across the globe do write back to me, but more often than not do not always have the time to "mail art" me back.
    Hence my dilemma.
    I would love to extend this invitation to you to become penpals!
    I too have a mail blog: www.cosmopostalan.blogspot.com (I recently started it -- please check it out!), and I love the whole world of mail, letters, postage and travel -- all things that go magically hand in hand.

    Please get back to me and we'll see what we can do, aye?
    Have a bloody terrific day, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Riley (Ms. Always Traveling)

    P.S. Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy birthday! It looks like a wonderful day . The chalk drawing is so sweet and you have received some wonderful mail. I sometimes struggle to know what to send my pen pals that are still quite flat. I usually end up sending pretty postcards, stickers or handmade notecards.

  14. A very happy belated birthday to you Rin :) I just turned 22 this week too. Glad you enjoyed the postcard. It looks like some bits fell off in transit, but that's okay. I hope the bits readhered themselves to some nasty bills. I promise I'll get around to writing you a proper letter sometime soon :) Take care x

  15. Happy (belated) birthday!! Looks like you had an amazing day. I love that map!

    And holy cow, that's a lot of mail! You're a machine when it comes to snail mail! Love it :)

    My snail mail treat is stickers. I love buying stickers from etsy sellers like 'Letter C Design' (my absolute favourite store for stickers) and include them in my letters. I also include pretty postcards as well.

    x Jasmine

  16. hey rin, I finally had the time to post an update about the package swap on my blog. I hope you like it! afloodofmemories.blogspot.com

  17. Once your twenty two time flows. Pretty soon your going to turn around and be 30.


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