A Brilliant Idea!

So As i was sitting here crafting up some wonderful flat mail packages to my lovely penpals - I came up with a Brilliant Idea/Project.. Stay tuned over the next few days for more information! If you write letters you will want to see this!

Now A few Mail Updates!

This Package is going out to the Wonderful Lou - thankyou for my package! I was to excited & forgot to photograph it before tearing it open!

My First order from my Etsy site www.etsy.com/shop/paperedthoughts ! YAY! I thought the Sample pack was a nice touch :)

Where I am currently Crafting/Lettering - My Bed! Where do you craft?

Incoming & Outgoing + A Week of Envelopes!

Hello Paper Lovelies! Another Week of Wonderful Mail, My Mail Box was Far Happier This week so thankyou to all those who sent me Beautiful Letters!

I've Become Quite Taken with making my Own Envelopes And as My Beautiful Mum Works at A Printing Company I find myself always with an Assortment Of Incredible Papers. So I drew up Some  Envelope Templates & Began Experimenting with sizes etc. I Even got some of my Original Artwork Blown up & Printed and created some wonderful Envelopes (If I do Say so myself!) Here are the Results!

A Couple of my Original Artworks I got Blown up to A3 Size!

Mini Envelopes & Seals Made from Original Artwork by Me! - Some of my Beautiful Penpals Shall be Recieving these in the mail this week!

A Mail Art Envelope Made from Paint Sample Chips For the Beautiful Sabrina & Her Mail Art Project - you can find her over at www.your-items-delivered.blogspot.com

A Few more outgoing letters - All Handmade Envelopes from Various Papers My Beautiful Mumma Found for me @ Work! 

A Handmade Envelope, Letter & Some Goodies for the Lovely Wolfey who I met on www.sendsomething.net

& Last But not least Some of My Wonderful Pile of Incoming For This Week - Thanks for the Love Guys! (I've Replied to Almost all of you! Just Finishing up the last couple!)

Peace, Love & Happy Lettering.. Hope to Hear from you all soon!

Summer, Job Hunting & A Lonely Mailbox.

Hello Lovelies! My Mailbox has been looking a little lonely as of late so I did some digging on the amazing world wide web & found a new (to me) site - www.sendsomething.net .. a site dedicated to forming a network of people who, well in simple terms, like mail :) I signed up & found quite a few like minded peoples to send mail too! Here's hoping my Mailbox won't be feeling blue for too much longer!

Outgoing Mail Thursday 3rd - Monday 7th of November.

That's a Total of  -
16 Post Cards &&
6 Letters
= 22 Pieces of Mail in 5 days! That's got to be a new Personal Best!

If you'd like to write me, have comments, ideas or questions about my blog I will always reply to any type of mail! Promise! :)

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