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I was going to pre-fix this post with a rambling mess of words about how I am not a front of camera girl, how I feel awkward and nerdish most days, how I don't like the sound of my own voice, how I feel uncomfortable talking about myself for long periods of time (let alone on video!)
Instead I will tell you this, this was hands down, one of the most incredible experiences of my life. to be able to tell my story was one thing, but to receive a video that was so beautifully edited and put together was another thing all together.
Hai you are incredible and "thankyou" will never feel like enough.

Who Are You?

sometimes opportunities come along, that you aren't expecting, and didn't ask for, but they knock your socks off all the same. when I was asked by two very talented people to interview with them, my first thought was "Why me? I don't have anything to say. I don't have a story to tell..." But I did, I do and thanks to the very talented Hai Truong and the amazing Katie Ivey I realised that.
It's kind of a special thing when people believe in you and your story even when you lose sight of it yourself.
I turn 25 on the 14th of March, and I couldn't think of more perfect timing to release this little piece of my heart and soul into the universe. I am Happy, my soul is content, my life is full of good and I want to share my story with you. I  hope that it may make you a little happier, I hope it fills your heart with a little more love.
But above all I hope it makes you pick up pen and paper and reconnect with old friends, love letters and the art of the written word.
Stay tuned for the amazing video by Hai Truong.
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2015 is going to be Amazing.

This year, In lieu of Christmas cards, I sent "2015 is going to be AMAZING" packages to friends, family and instafriends who inspire me daily. I stuffed them full of kindness, happy thoughts, confetti, sparkles and a little fortune fish. And then packaged them up in some wonderful clear envelopes and sent them out across the oceans.

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