A Birthday Cake.

Two of my Lovely Co-workers had birthdays on the same day this month. So I made a Cake. I don't Bake often & As you can see I was far more enthralled with the Paper Decoration side of things.

Saturday Morning Vintage Interview.

Papered Thoughts

Last Week I was Interviewed by the lovely Xenia over at her amazeballs blog "Saturday Morning Vintage" so if you'd like a sneak peek inside my cluttered mind head over & give it a read.

p.s need some more paper to lust after - visit her Ephemera shop right now!

&& A Happy New Year. {A Letter Exchange Project}

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I've wanted to do a letter writing project for quite sometime now, but there was always never enough time & I never quite felt "inspired" enough. Until last week. I was thinking about this past year (as we all do when Christmas sneaks up on us so freaking quickly..) & how much my "soul" (for want of a better word) has changed. I made a conscious decision in March this year to fill my heart and life with so much positivity & passion & light - that there was no room for anything else. I made an effort to think only good things on Monday mornings, when work got really tough I smiled, I avoided gossip as much as possible and I read & wrote only good things. Such Simple things that have had such a huge impact. && now I'd like to share that with you.

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"&& A Happy New Year" will be a Letter exchange project which celebrates all that is good & light & happy. A Project stuffed full of so much joy, that is won't be possible to have a crappy start to 2014. And that's where you come in.

When you Sign-up to the "&& A Happy New Year" Project you'll be assigned a Partner. There will be 2 Tasks for you to complete over the next couple of Months (December - January). Each Task will involve Mailing a Small Letter(ish) Sized Package to your Partner. I'm not going to tell you all the Tasks now (Why Ruin the Surprise?) But I will tell you they'll be good for your soul. Honestly I've found that writing good, beautiful things to someone else - can be as healing as receiving them.
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To Join the Project You'll need to Fill out this Super Duper Fun Questionnaire && email it over to andahappynewyearproject@gmail.com - The Questionnaire will be sent to your Partner (via email) when everybody gets matched up.

Sign-ups close Wednesday the 27th of November.
1. Your Name:
2. && Mailing Address:
3. Your Blog/Website/Instagram:
4. Your Personality in 5 Words:
5. A Quote that makes your heart happy:
6. Do you have Preference towards a domestic or international partner?

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I so totally understand that Christmas is a busy time of year. So please only sign-up if you're 100% sure you can commit. Here's a Basic time-line just so you can double check.
November 27th: Sign-ups Close.
December 1st: Partners Assigned & Emailed to you
December 2nd: First Task Posted on the Papered Thoughts Blog
December 13th: First Task Send Deadline
December 16th: Second Task Posted on the Papered Thoughts Blog
January 6th: Second Task Send Deadline
1. This project is open internationally. If you have selected a preference for a domestic partner I will do my best to match you with one, but please be prepared to post internationally.
2. As this is my first project I'm going to limit it to 100 Participants - Please don't stress if you miss out I've already got another project all planned & ready!
3. If you have any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to contact me - andahappynewyearproject@gmail.com
4. Effort is the key here - Please spend a little bit of time creating something beautiful for your partner, this will ensure you get something just as special back.
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If you're taking part (or just think it's super duper cool) spread the word && grab one of these buttons for your blog or the image for instagram :)
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Send More Mail

It's here! The Send More Mail Directory is up & ready for you to explore. Whether you're looking for a new penpal, a little inspiration or just a place to get lost in a bit of pretty for a while. It's all there waiting for you. So off you go! join the Snail Mail Revolution now!
(Follow the link above - or click the "Get Started" button in the left column)


Here is a Piece from my (way to big) Collection of Ephemera. It was found at Cooks Hill Book Shop in Newcastle, Australia - It cost me around $1.50 && is (in my eyes) Amazing!

An Overdue Library Notecard from the University of Queensland (1950-1963) - I actually looked up Harrison Bryan as I thought (a long shot I know) I may of been able to send the card back to him (as a librarian I'm sure he would of appreciated it!) Sadly he Passed in 2008 - there was quite alot of information avalible on him - He sounded like a fantastically interesting man - if you're interested his obituary is here. I Rather feel like I'm holding a bit of Australian Library History.

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