Super Duper Excited!

I am very excited to let all you wonderful people know that my Etsy Papered Thoughts Products will be arriving shortly at the wonderful Little Paper Lane - I am Super Duper Excited to have my products on real shelves in a real shop (and a beautiful one at that!) - So I may be a little slower than usual updating here & replying to your letters (But I'm still here & Loving your mail!) So keep writing! Anyway here's the beginning of my wholesale/retail adventure :)

A Simple Letter

We all know how much a bright Handwritten letter can mean after a long crappy day - full of missed buses, spilled coffee, late deadlines and miserable weather.. I'm not sure what it is but the mysterious magical properties of a letter can make all the wrong - right - in an instant. That is what I'm asking of you - right now.. I'm asking you to help make a little girls day a little "righter" :)

Meet beautiful, brave, strong & Still smiling Miette - This sweet little girl has been diagnosed with an incurable brain stem tumour - doctors have given her little chance of survival beyond 12 months.. Even so this Super strong girl is on a Mission - to collect as many letters as she can :) (Pretty wonderful hey!) So here is the deal - Instead of writing to me this month PLEASE - take a half hour out of your day to send this special little girl a note, package, letter or surprise! We all know how much a letter can mean - imagine what you'd be doing for Miette.. Get your kids to right one, friends, parents - Link this blog post to your blog! - lets get the message out there & fill Miette's letterbox with so much love, sunshine & joy!

A Trip to the City.

This weekend just been was a long weekend in Australia - Plently of time to sit in the sunshine & daydream. However due to the lack of sunshine (& The plethora of Rain, Thunder & Wind) I decided to spend a couple of days wandering the great city of Sydney. Mumma Bear, Sister & I headed in on Saturday night & I Spent the day with my Dad in Darlinghurst, Newtown, Surrey Hills & Enmore on Sunday (If you ever get a chance - those are some very trendy suburbs!) - Here are a few of my favourite Happy Snaps from over the weekend.. (I sware I did more than eat!)

I Know I don't Normally show much more than the beautiful fronts of my envelopes But this was just too pretty not to :) - So excited to be writing with Tabi <3

After an Insanely busy week I totally blanked & forgot to photograph my outgoing letters! Eeek! Oh well - More next week :)

&& To finish up - How adorable is my New nail colour :) PS - This is my 49th Post (Almost 50!) so stay tuned for a Giveaway coming up very soon!!

My First Guest Post

Today I am lucky enough to be guest posting (my first ever!) for the lovely Gabby over at Design Muse - It is Letter Inspired of course :) So Quick Sticks - get over there & check it out! - While you're there have a look at her beautiful blog && leave her some love :)

P.S Keep an eye out this friday for a HUGE update on my city outings & lovely letters this week :)

Spring(Winter) Cleaning.

After a Week of being chained to my bed I am Finally up & About again - && What better way to celebrate than with a big Sprinter (Spring/Winter) Clean :) I thought I'd share with you - While it is free of papery mess! - a Few of my Favourite things around my room..

Oh && If you haven't yet - join "Papered Thought's" new Facebook Page!


Lauren Carney is by far one of my Favourite Artists - I Bought a set of her beautiful postcards (Mini Prints) at the "Finders Keepers" Market last December.. I finally found a place to display them :) I Whipped up a Paint Chip Garland - Found some itty bitty pegs & Strung it all up - Pretty hey!


My "Real World" Pinterest board :) A collection of my All time Favourite Envelopes, Photos, Postcards & other Bits & Pieces.. ++ My Huge Wall World Map.


Another Super Favourite shop of mine is Holy Kitsch - They have tons of amazing "Day of the Dead" themed items ++ lots of Vintage too!

Oh & Here is a little look at a few of the pages inside my 2012 Journal - Any Page/Idea Suggestions are loved <3



Currently Reading - The Scorpio Races by Maggive Stiefvater && Nothing - Janne Teller.

This week being stuck in bed wasn't all that bad - but with no incoming mail I had a little wander around the blogosphere & contacted some super sweet ladies to sent some mail too!

Danni from "Oh Hello Friend"

Tabitha from "Tabitha Emma"

Have a Wonderful Week Lovelies! - Peace && Love <3

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