Crushing on the Bright Stuff

A Huge Fan of the Neon Movement Happening at the Moment -- here are a few of My Etsy Picks.

1. Neon Faux Leather Feather Earrings by LoveSexton
2. Wildly Comfortable throw cushion by ElRanchoRelaxo
3. Neon Thread Bangle by TheGlossyQueen
4. Boho Painted Driftwood by BonjourFrenchie
5. Fluro Pink Triangle Notebook by LesMiniBoux
6. Geometric Stag Brooch by SketchInc
7. Matryoshka Doll "Little Neons" by SketchInc
8. The Oleg - White Deer Head by WhiteFauxTaxidermy


  1. So Gorgeoous !
    Thanks so much for picking my neon notebook ! So happy to see it in such a beautiful selection of items !
    Have a great day !


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