The Elevated Envelope

This Summer (Winter for me!) I had the Absolute Pleasure of Participating in "The Elevated Envelope Project" created by the incredible Tara Bilven.. If you're into Mail Art, Letters or just Pretty things in general I highly reccommend popping over to her blog & taking part in the next Project!

The Summer 2012 Theme was "Sweet" & after Umming & Ahhing for a few weeks I decided to take it as literal as possible - Candy! With a couple of bright candy wrappers, some glittery paper & Some Super Sweet Song Lyrics (Candy Girl - The Archies ++ Lollipop - Mika) I created these super bright - Sparkly Envelopes (with a few sweet surprises inside!)


  1. Super cute! Nice stuff, Rin!
    ~ Ms. Always Traveling

  2. Exciting to see these. They really are beautiful. I sent mine from the UK last week but I'd already thought up my idea and it didn't fit with Sweet. I hope my recipients just thought the envelopes were sweet!

  3. They are great...wish I was in your group!
    I blogged about a couple I received this week.... And mine are still a ok in progress!!

  4. These envelopes are so cute :)

  5. These are really neat! I love the bright colors and the collage aspect of them. :)

  6. wow! those envelopes are so super cute!! I participated in this as well - lots of fun huh?

  7. LOVE this! How cute are those envelopes? I love how creative you are!

    x Jasmine


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