"Oh Hello Friend" Package Swap 2012.

This month I participated in the Wonderful Package Swap from the lovely Danni over at "Oh Hello Friend" - I was a little hesitant to sign up as I never recieved my package from the "Send Something Good" project a few months ago. (I've tried not to Whinge & Complain! but after no contact from my partner - even after numerous polite emails.. I just don't think it's good manners to sign up & not see something through! Ugh.. Rant over :]) but I just could not resist - I adore Danni's Blog & so just had to sign up! So here is What I sent to my Lovely Partner Lea from "We Like to make Stuff"
P.S - being super silly I forgot to photograph what I include.. Hopefully Lea will have some photos up soon! Lea Has some photos up now! click to see them!

Excuse the language but I think it's more than appropriate! - here is the amazing package I recieved from the lovely Lea <3
1. Post Bag - Super excited when I saw it in my mail box :)
2. Oh the Prettiness Inside!
3. "Warning Sunglasses made be needed to open" (I LOVE NEON!)
4. Vintage Map Garland & Tags - Amazing!
5. HOLYCRAPBALLS! - One of my Favourite HP Quotes <3
6. Pretty Packaging
7. "Think Happy - Be Happy" + Butterfly Confetti
8. An Amazing Pencil case!
9. Neon-ness! Packaging courtesy of Lea's Little one :)
10. OH THE NEON! - Envelopes, Nail Polish + More Tags.


  1. This package is beyond wonderful.

  2. You got a wonderful package! Sorry to hear that you didn't get anything from the Send Something Good project- hopefully this made up for it.

  3. You've got (and send) a lovely package!
    I participated in it as well, & wait expectantly for my package to arrive!

  4. Nice. You have received a lot of goodies

  5. Hi Rin, I have been following your blog for a little while now, and really enjoy it!
    Anyhow, I just wanted to say hello, because I also just participated in the lovely package exchange, and blogged about it here: http://iheartpost.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/lovely-package-exchange.html
    Stop by, if you get a chance.

    Wasn't the exchange such a fun thing to do?!

  6. What a package of awesomeness :)

  7. What a scrumptious package I received my package from my lovely partner Helen too, so much fun!!!

  8. this is so lovely, I have been hearing snippets of this wonderful gifting in the blogosphere, I'd LOVE to participate. Does anyone know of one happening right now?

  9. wow, looks amazing! love all the stuff you got

  10. Wow, so lovely!! And I love how you decorated your package!

  11. I was going to sign up to Send Something good this coming season, and I was also thinking of joining the Secret Blogger Swap - but now I think I'll leave it and wait for the Lovely Package Exchange to come back around instead.
    I worry that my partner won't send me my package, but it's a risk I think I'll take either way. Did you let the people behind Send Something Good know that you didn't receive their package? I'd hate for them to be paired up with someone again and pull the same stunt.

  12. Wow, what amazing packages! I love blog swaps (when both partners keep up their end of the bargain. Sorry to hear about someone flaking on you).

    x Jasmine


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