Last week I was very lucky to win a rad giveaway hosted by the lovely Kelsie over at Kgetsorganised. What did I win? only the most amazing journal/diary set ever by the ohsotalented Migoals team. Seriously - with a tag like "Stationery that inspires" how could it not be love at first sight! I'm big into simple, structured, clean journals that I can explode my personality all over and Migoals is exactly that && more. Stuffed full of pretty typography, plenty of space for the craziness that is life & phrases like "Hustle, Hustle, Hustle" and "The Future is now". Trust me, you need this yesterday.

Thanksyou so much K for a wonderful giveaway && Migoals for just being rad.

 photo IMG_0301_zps8d5de2b4.jpg
 photo IMG_0302_zps545774cf.jpg
 photo IMG_0306_zps684dec05.jpg
 photo IMG_0304_zps3533d220.jpg
 photo IMG_0305_zps89276dde.jpg
 photo IMG_0303_zps9dcdc6bf.jpg
 photo IMG_0300_zps7fb98b4b.jpg
 photo IMG_0299_zps1200d58f.jpg
 photo IMG_0298_zps57a1e3a2.jpg
 photo IMG_0297_zps4322e108.jpg
 photo IMG_0296_zpsc3eace0e.jpg
 photo IMG_0294_zps3a38b151.jpg
 photo IMG_0292_zpsb6547693.jpg


  1. Oh, I love it! I'm in search of a new calendar, too. It's always a lengthy process. :) Happy Holidays!


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