Sweet Notes to A Lovely Lady.

I've come across so many stories throughout my travels that inspire me & make me feel so many different emotions at once. Some stick with me for hours, some days & some I think will stick with me forever. The Story of Ava's Rule is one of them. I actually don't have any words to describe the amazing Ava, Sheye & their family so you'd best go read it in Sheye's own words at her beautiful blog here. After spending a few hours lost in the world of Ava Rosemeyer - Super Princess I reached out to Sheye the best way I know how. Handwritten Love Letters. Here is the little package I sent her, I hope it gave her back a little of the light and love that she has given the world.


  1. gorgeous mail, as usual. wow her story is so incredible. will definitely be checking out their blog...


  2. Your letters always look so beautiful and lovely!

  3. You are so awesome! To reach out in this way .. so sweet and thoughtful! Love it!


Thankyou For Spreading the Love! Keep Writing.
Peace & Love xo

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