Happy Birthday Little Sister (Part Three)

Here is the Happy Conclusion to a very lovely Surprise Treasure Hunt I created for my Little Sisters Twenty First Birthday - If you haven't read them yet - Part One && Part Two are here :)

 photo IMG_9445_zps132b62ce.jpg

The Last clue spelled out Little Paper Lane && meant she was off to the most loveliest shop on the northern beaches :)

 photo IMG_9450_zps26c57229.jpg

She Arrived to A little Chalk drawing I did (EARLY that morning) && to a very excited Karyn (@sweetnpretty) - Sometimes LPL Shop Assistant, always Rad Baker!

 photo IMG_9452_zps519ff2d5.jpg
 photo Image3_zpse1c4d2dc.jpg

The Final Clue was a BonBon containing a little invitation to Afternoon Tea with the Two people who love her most in the entire world. (Me & Mumma Bear)

When we Arrived up at Mums I was very lucky to capture her reaction as she saw the pot of gold at the end of a very fun rainbow :)

 photo IMG_9459_zpsc70e66f4.jpg

Lots of presents opened && we have one very exhausted but deliriously happy girl (make that two ;))

But you didn't think the surprises ended there did you! After telling her we were going out to dinner just the 3 of us - We got dressed & headed out.. and Surprise! Her Favourite Restaurant, A Decorated Table && 9 of her closest Girlfriends.
 photo IMG_9566_zps5d2e2c60.jpg
 photo Image5_zps80c07744.jpg
 photo Image4_zps6bea1152.jpg

Oh && we Had Rocky Road Chocolate Cups instead of cake :)

 photo IMG_9470_zps695d28f5.jpg
 photo IMG_9473_zps869472d7.jpg
 All in All it was an amazing day && even though it was Weeks of work I had a ball creating all the clues & making it super special - It's easy when you've got a sister as brilliant & beautiful & deserving as mine. xo


  1. I just love the whole thing, a wonderful special idea Rin :)
    Jayne P

  2. You're amazing. This is the sweetest, and prettiest birthday I have ever seen. Your sister is a lucky one.

  3. Hi there! This is such a great post! you are so thoughtful! I have a question about your blog! My name is Heather and please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)


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