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During April/May I had the pleasure of being part of the Send Something Good Project - A Very lovely Project created by 3 sweet ladies Gentri Lee, Kaitlyn && Kristy (All of whom have Amazing blogs you should check out!) - But back to the project, So the Idea was you are given a secret "Blog Partner" to Stalk & find out what makes them tick - Then Send them a super cute package all wrapped up before the deadline - Then... TaaDaaa... Blog about it! So Here goes..

My Swap Partner was the Lovely Jasmine From TinkerFinca (Click the banner to Visit her wonderful blog!) I began by Stalking her blog & even sent a letter off to her to get a few more ideas.. Two Iced Coffees && An hour later I'd come up with a pretty good list of inspiration..

I Didn't take as many pictures as I would have like to of the package I sent - Lucky for me Jasmine has put up some Beautiful pictures on her "Send Something Good" post over at TinkerFinca So go have a gander there too! Here is what I came up with though..

This Letter book was full of sweet notes - Questions - Fortunes - Quotes - Stickers - Lists - Confetti & Other things that I thought would make Jas Smile :) I made it out of an old ABC Golden book & Filled it with Bright Beautiful Pockets && Envelopes - Then Stuffed them full of papery goodness!

I chose alot of Coral & Yellow as those are Jasmines favourite colours :) Inside the Packages are - The Letter Book - A time Capsule - A Notebook, Pen & Coral Washi Tape - A Stamp Pad - A Cupcake notebook && A Vintage Globe.

My Favourite part! (Along with the letter book!) I Love Packaging - And anyone who knows me will tell you I Adore Airmail - So I got out my Favourite Airmail Supplies & Tied up the Prettiest Package I've ever sent! I mean who doesn't love a "Brown Paper Package Tied up with String :)"

Unfortunately Due to (what I hope is!) Postal Difficulties my package has not arrived yet - Hopefully I'll be able to post about it when it does :) Keep sending letters! <3 Rin


  1. I think you did an AMAZING job!! Seriously, I love it all! That little re-purposed book is to die for!! What an awesome idea. And the wrapping?! Gorgeous. :)

  2. Wow that looks amazing! Seems like a fun project :) x

  3. Holy crap, you sent such a good package!!! That's really amazing. This is also a really great idea for a mail project.

  4. Awesome!!! I love all the wrapping!

  5. The package you sent is amazing!

  6. Wow, you have major talent! What great presentation! It was so much fun participating in Send Something Good. Glad I found a new blog to follow! :)


  7. So lovely! I did a secret santa last year and I got to send (and receive) a lovely package. It's so wonderful! Maybe one day I'll organise a big package swap too on my blog!

  8. Waw ! Your blog is really amazing. I add you in my favorites websites in my blog. I could following you ! :)


    wanna be pen pals? (but seriously, do you?)

    1. you just made my day! it's 7am here I am just waking up - when my phone goes off.. with your comment :) of course I would love to be penpals - who writes first? do you mind if I do? I am bed ridden (ankle ligament damage..) so I'm getting low on things to do! email me your address & I'll pop something in the mail for you by tomorrow :) xo Rin (

  10. I adore what you sent to Jasmine- what a sweet and thoughtful package! I love the way you made a book full of special notes to brighten her day :) I hope your package arrives very very soon!

    Also, to piggyback off of Kaitlyn's comment- I have a little pen pal club on my blog that I started a few months back and I would love to have you join if you are interested! Here's a link with more information :)

  11. What a fantastic idea! I love it! :) And i will definitely be checking out all those other blogs! I'm just disappointed I'm not learning about it until RIGHT NOW!

  12. Um wow!! What an amazing gift package. I adore that letter book!! Such a fab idea. I hope you get your gifty things soon!!

  13. Wow!!! Great goodies and what a fun swap.

  14. Such a fun package! I would love to receive something like that! I love swaps of all kinds - postcards, stickers, surprise ... so much fun. Jasmine is a lucky girl!

    If you are ever looking for another penpal, I am your girl.

    x Jasmine (another Jasmine!)

  15. I hope your package will arrive soon! The one you sent looks like such a delight to receive :) And re-using an old book is definitely something I want to try out!

    And you have such pretty handwriting!

  16. Oh, I am in love with the package you sent. Should you ever need another pen pal, please keep me in mind! Do you participate in the Elevated Envelope project? I have signed up for this June, but I am a Newb.

    Well done on Send Something Good!
    Christy of Christopher Scott

  17. That parcel is so adorable.

    Hope your package shows up soon!

  18. I love airmail too, it's just the bees knees. I'm a sucker for packaging too.


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