Finally back in the realm of modern communications! YAY! After a very stressful 12 days without a connection to the online world & numerous phone calls to "support" teams - I can finally bring you all up to date with the happenings of my world - cool huh!

At the End of April we bundled up & jumped on a plane to head to New Zealand to visit my Very Sick Grandma - we Spent 6 days Between the hospital & her home so I had plently of time to send some postcards to some special people :) I also had time to finish the "memory book" my Grandma & I have so enjoyed doing together - with 96 years under her belt she has some pretty amazing stories to tell! She is doing a bit better now but needs full time care, it's hard when you can't be there all the time.. (The last photo is a little bit of a trick of the shadows - I look about 9 months pregnant! I am not!)

International Harry Potter Day was May 2nd - I did my bit! -- Ravenclaw for life! <3 have you checked out the new "Pottermore"  Auhhmuzing!

It is truly amazing the amount of Stuff you can do when you have been cut of from the modern world (okay that's a little bit dramatic!) - I dug out my watercolours & graph paper and made some pretty new sheets of writing paper! yay!

I also found my old supply of embroidery thread and made these super cute (&&super easy!) fishtail friendship bracelets <3

I Had a bit of time over the holidays to put scissors to paper & create some pretty new garlands - you can find them over at my Etsy store -- Papered Thoughts

My Airmail Collection is slowly growing - Aren't they just so pretty!

Inspired by the wonderful girls over at "more love letters" I sent a little love note to the lovely "Little Paper Lane"

And now for the part you've all been waiting (extra patiently!) for :) - but before I show you all the beautiful things that found their way into my mailbox these last few weeks I have a little announcement - Sadly I have become so busy that I am finding it hard to reply to all your beautiful letters - so I will say this, I am doing my best but there may be a delay in reply.. I still would love to recieve anything you want to send but you'll need to be patient with me! I also do try to publish everything I recieve/send but sometimes some slip through the cracks..

















  1. I am SHAMEFULLY past due to reply to the wonderful and amazing package you sent me over a month ago!!! Sorry!!! Work is just NUTS and I can't ever seem to compose my thoughts at the end of the (18 hour) day! I do promise you that I won't just send out any old thing thrown together! When I do reply (SOON!!), it will have been worth the wait! Oh, and I meant to ask- are you allergic to nuts at all?

  2. Hey there, lady! Did my last letter get lost coming to you or anything? Let me know? My email:

  3. You did get my last letter, did you?! :)

  4. Your letters are the prettiest!

  5. I have already received mine and sent a reply :D I hope you got it...

  6. Hi Rin! I got your mail loveliness in the mail yesterday--so exciting! Thanks for introducing me to More Love Letters. Definitely a great thing to participate in.

  7. I'm glad to hear your grandma is doing better. I'll be praying for her. :) what a sweet photo of you and your grandma!
    Love the fishtail bracelets you made. I've always wanted to make friendship bracelets. My friend and I did a basic one when we were in 3rd grade. We would make them in art class. :) I haven't made one in years though. Hopefully soon I'll learn how to. :-)
    All of your incoming and outgoing mail looks wonderful. Receiving and sending mail is so fun!

  8. This looks so good, i actually want to do the writing project too. How did you start? Good luck with your grandmother and i hope she will get better <3

  9. Oh my goodness! I loveee that paper! What a great selection of incoming and outgoing. So wonderful! Glad you're back. :-)

  10. I love the idea of a memory book. I've been thinking about putting something like that together for my grandparents, but to be perfectly honest I am at a loss as to where to begin. Any suggestions?

  11. hello all you lovely people! thankyou for all the kind comments :) jen & sabrina - I haven't got anything yet - the mail seems to be a little slow these last few weeks! scorcha - I bought mine off there are tons of fantastic ones :) hope that helps! xo

  12. Your snail mail is so inspiring! I always feel motivated to write more letters after I read your blog posts :)

    How's your Grandma now? I hope she's starting to feel better.

    x Jasmine

  13. Hello Rin :) I wonder whether you ever received a little envekope from me.. here is a picture in my blog.
    Please, let me know! x

  14. Those letters and envelopes look really gorgeous! I wish I was so creative! :D just amazing!

  15. You make very pretty letters! I love getting letters too.


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