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First Some very Exciting News - Paperedthoughts @ Etsy Has gone Live! - So Race over & have a look!  I Would be so Grateful for any feedback/suggestions as well!

In other news, I am Back from NZ & Have gotten right back into my crafting & Letter writing (Oh How I've missed it) The first Order of Business was fashioning a rather spectacular (if I do say so myself) Fairy wand for a very special Little girl - Eva Mitchell.
While in NZ I watched a current Affairs program called 20/20 - The story was about a little (and absolutely beautiful) 4 year old girl, who had lived her entire life in Auckland Starship hospital as she was born without vital organs.. As heartbreaking as it sounds - It almost wasn't.. This little girl is so loved by her family & Extended family of nurses & doctors, She has so much fight & Hope its contagious! So I decided to send a little bit more sunshine her way!
Story Link - 

The Fairy Wand I made for Miss Eva (& in the process of Making one for her Big Sister!) 

 & now the last few weeks of my (never boring) Life in Pictures!

Mount Maunganui (The Mount) - In the North Island of NZ.. This is where my Family is from & Where I spent the last 2 weeks.

Supporting Australia @ the Rugby World Cup in Wellington NZ with my sister (Left) & Cousin (Middle)

On our way to the Australia v. South Africa Semi RWC game.

The Uber Hilarious Bike Contraption we took for a ride around Wellington (Yes it fits 6 People!)

My Favourite thing to do First thing in the morning whilst travelling - Find the nearest starbucks Pull of my drawing Pad & pens Grab an Iced Latte & People watch for a couple of hours :)

One of the Gorgeous Kids I Nanny. (we had fun playing around with the new Incredibooth Ipad App)

The Amazing Book I am reading (seriously you need to read this!) - For all you booklovers out there - Keep an eye out as I am considering starting a little blog of book suggestions & reviews!

Incoming! - Some of the Letters I recieved while I was away :)

Latest Outgoing Mail!


  1. That wand is so cute. Any little girl would love that!

  2. Adorable wand. Such a thoughtful gesture!


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