On Words.

letter writing means a whole lot of different things
to a whole lot of different people.
to me,
it's always been about love.
and kindness,
and light,
and hope.
and connecting with strangers,
around the corner,
over the road,
across the oceans.
it's always been about the words.
It's never been about the trinkets or the gifts or the bits and pieces.
don't get me wrong,
I appreciate it all.
but it's not what I'm searching for.
I'm searching for love stories,
book lists,
and tales of wild adventures.
I want to know what makes your heart break,
the plans you have,
and all your quirks and oddities.
I want words.
and if that's all you've got to give me,
I think we're going to be just fine.

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  1. This is beautiful, I absolutely agree! :)

  2. I love Your Words and the Pictures you post here! :) Can we Write a letter to you?

  3. Oh, wonderful blog!!! Unfortunately, my English is not perfect. In other case I would like to write you a letter. Yes. I love to write and to receive letters too! I very good know this feeling - to open the mail box and to found wonderful greeting from other side :) I have some penpal friends for many years and I always appreciate each letter I can send or receive :) So enjoy your time with letters :) Have a nice time! Jolana

  4. It takes time and trust to cultivate a mail relationship just as it takes time and trust to build a personal relationship. Not every friendship is satisfying or lasting. The average person has to work at being open and expressive. More friendships and relationships fail or aren't . . . I think people want to believe that putting words on paper are enough, when the words they offer are not enough. It's a shame how few of us know how to write out our true thoughts and feeling. I don't think we feel safe enough. We want to. We just don't know how.

    I wish you good mail. I get some of the very mail you desire. And when I do, it feels like I've heard from a part of myself. And I am so happy. Connecting with someone else is one of the best feelings in the world.


Thankyou For Spreading the Love! Keep Writing.
Peace & Love xo

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