365 lists & where it all began.

In February this year I embarked on a little project just for myself. I've always found list writing therapeutic & have had bunches of lists in a box under the my bed for years.. from to-do lists to crush lists & book lists - written on pretty paper, scrap paper & napkins.
So when I needed a new creative project, list making seemed to be a logical choice. I found a very lovely journal & embarked on a 365 list project. I started posting my lists to instagram under the "listfullyhappy" tag & it kinda took off from there - I've has so many kind comments & so much love for my lists that it's incredible!
But I've also had a lot of questions - so I thought I'd answer them for you here!
If you'd like to see my collection of lists you can visit the #PTlistfullyhappy tag
&& please pop over to my instagram page to say hello!

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1. Where did you get that AMAZING journal! I've always loved kikki k - so when they launched their 365 journal range earlier this year i just had to have one. (they're on sale now && their half price!)
2. Where do you get your endless list ideas from? - are you working from a list of lists?  Honestly? I'm just making it up as I go along.. there's no big list of lists - there's no secret website or book full of wonderful ideas. the journal & the lists - it's just a collection of strange, unpredictable thoughts I have on a regular basis. I do have a little jotting notebook I carry with my everywhere to write down list ideas as they pop into my head + have had ideas and suggestions from some lovely instafriends + penpals!
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3. What pen do you use so the ink doesn't bleed through the page? I always have and always will use the kikki k everyday gel pen for anything & everything - I have mild anxiety attacks if I have to write with any other pen.
4. I want to do this too! but my writing/creativity/ideas aren't as good! I getcha girlfriend. There is nothing scarier than a blank page. and to be honest, I have billions of projects around my house in various stages of unfinished-ness. But I'm letting go of all that crap and sticking with it. There are more than a few pages that I've already deemed not up to standard & normally this would mean the entire project or journal would be chucked out, but I'm trying my hardest to let go of the perfectionist inside & embrace creative chaos! and it's working out pretty fantastically - page 82 & I'm still motivated as hell!
5. How do you create each page! Mostly it's about finding little bits and pieces that inspire an idea or a story + smooshing them together with washi tape, watercolours & creative lettering!
6. your handwriting is so lovely - where did you learn to letter? I'm all self taught & super proud of my handwriting, it's been many years in the making! I'm always practicing, changing, re-styling & learning more typographical skills - there are so many rad workshops out there at the moment & pinterest is always a constant source of inspiration.
below are a few of the pages from the 365 journal - if you have any other questions, ideas or suggestions please comment & let me know!


  1. Rin! I've been loving all of your lists, such a creative idea. I've told myself that as soon as I'm done this semester I can go out and get a journal to list in ;) thanks for being such an inspiration. :)

  2. Hi Rin! I am so in live with your lists. And you inspired me to make them too. I also love the #showusyalists challenge. I think it's very hard to choose a winner, there are so many nice lists! :) XXX

  3. What should we write on pinterest to get some "hanwriting" inspiration? :) I would love to improve my handwriting... to make it beautiful :)

    1. try handwritten typography - or typography - handwriting - hand lettering :) I also have a typography board you can check out! x

  4. Lovely post, I am addicted to making lists too and I love the way you have put them all in one book for the year. It will be a great memory to look back on!

  5. Such an amazing idea!! I need to get one of these I think!! xxx

  6. Fabulous Lists...yep Im the same if its not perfect I tend to chuck it !! and that gets so annoying..I think when Mine arrives im going to look at it and go blank .hehe
    hugs xo

  7. Beautiful idea, thanks for share your blog is always inspiring.

  8. I knew John Green was going to be on your people to meet list because of the famous last words list. Looking for Alaska is one of my absolute favourites :)


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