Happy Birthday Baby Sister. (Part One)

Last week my Beautiful little sister turned 21! She's not a big fan of parties (or surprises for that matter) So I decided to create a little treasure hunt around the Northern Beaches for her. It turned out rather fantastically & she had the greatest time - So I thought I'd share our day here.

this post will be image/video heavy.

The Day Started like any other - there were a few "Happy Birthdays" but nothing special, which is a huge deal because birthdays in our house are like Christmas, Easter & New Years smushed into one. She went off to work like normal && we frantically ran around doing the last minute Tid Bits. At 10:30am we surprised her at work (I'd been secret squirreling with her boss for weeks) with what seemed like an ordinary morning tea. She had no idea she was finished work for the day & about to begin a super special treasure hunt.

 photo IMG_9384_zps974d76aa.jpg

Inside this first box attached to the balloon was a Dr Seuss Quote (She has all his books) Under some tissue paper in the box was a "21 Today Badge" && A Coffee Cup with a clue inside - it was a "To-Do" List all the items were ticked off except for the last one "Get *insert bosses name* Coffee"
 photo Image1_zpsa4917b68.jpg
 photo IMG_9391_zpsb1cddca9.jpg
That Clue led down to the coffee shop underneath her building - the Lovely Lady that runs it was probably just as excited as we were && She handed her the next clue.
 photo IMG_9395_zps21832403.jpg
 photo IMG_9398_zps7038a64b.jpg
Money with Strings attached.. Now we were off too, yes, the Adult store (this one was all my mothers Idea as my sister is a little shy..) It was funny though && she had to spend all $35 before the guy who owned the store would give her the next clue!
 photo Image2_zps0f31b080.jpg

She did It though (what she bought will remain secret!) && got her next clue which looked a little like this..
 photo Image4_zpsd30bb455.jpg

It was a photo of us with our best friends from when we were littlies (who's parents also happen to be our godparents) & on the back it read - "Bike Rides & Barbies - Cricket in the Garden... Sleepovers && Spaghetti, know where you're headed? -- Life is BETTA with Great Friends.." Our Godparents (& their son) own Betta Motors - So off we went!

 photo IMG_9408_zpsd962e243.jpg
They had Set up a bunch of balloons & hidden the clue in between :) It was a bottle of Tanning oil & A Sun which read - "The Cure for anything is SALTWATER - sweat, tears or THE OCEAN... -- Meet you at our new beach" (we recently bought a house about 3 minutes from a beautiful beach) But before she could work it out we drove away - leaving her - she thought she was going to have to walk & was a little shocked.. but Luke very kindly said he'd give her a lift in his very pretty(?) car :)

 photo Image3_zps0a206fe2.jpg
So then we spent a lot of time down at the beautiful Warriewood Beach Digging... 

&& Digging....

&& Digging... until she finally found a little message in a bottle :)

What was inside the Bottle? Part Two Very Coming Soon! 


  1. oh no, you can't keep me waiting that long! I'm so curious what was in the bottle. I love this already, think I'm going to make something like this for my twin sisters B-day in december!

  2. Oh my, I enjoyed reading this! I can't wait for part 2. Ahhh, I love this ! So creative :)

  3. Really nice post! :-)

  4. LOVE THIS! You are SUCH an awesome sister!!!

  5. Loved reading part of the story behind the Instagram pictures!! So so special and FUN!

  6. The box itself is extremely adorable. What an amazing gift!

  7. Hi Rin, great photos and what a fab idea :) Don't keep us waiting too long for Part 2 though ok!!!!
    Jayne P

  8. I finally had a chance to read this post after seeing your screencap on Instagram. I love this idea! It's so thoughtful and the details are fantastic. How lovely!

  9. Such an amazing idea! After all your planning I bet it was amazing to see her excitement!

    x Jasmine

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