Super Spesh Incoming.

1. The Lovely Lavender from "Lavenders Green" is absolutely divine! She noticed I hadn't recieved my Send Something Good Swap & Sent me a wonderful packaged full of pretty!

2. My Wonderful Penpal Sal sent me these amazing HP Postcards - I just Adore them! (I am Missing Goblet of Fire && Deathly Hallows if anyone has them & would like to do a swap or something - I would love to swap any HP postcards really!)


  1. Wow, amazing! And I just adore those bird clips. Great mail:D

  2. Oh how nice of her! Just as well there are nice people out there, since she didn't get anything in return, herself. Well, except a feature and shout out ^^ But still how nice, and I bet she sent you better things than your partner would have, too! ♥

    Kim, A Blackbird's Epiphany x

  3. Those bird clips was so cute:)

  4. Utterly fab HP cards...I'd love any of them!!

  5. Those are amazing postcards! Never seen any of them before, the only HP postcards I'd seen were the images from the movies. Would love to know a source.

  6. I'm so glad you liked your package :)

    LOVE the HP postcards!!

    x Jasmine


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