Happy Friday. IG Catchup.

1. Popped into the always lovely Little Paper Lane
2. && Left a sweet note on their door :)
3. Spent alot of time reading Legend - Marie Lu ++ drinking Iced Green Tea
4. Caught up on all my trashy gossip.
5. Built & Planted (from Scratch!) Some Garden beds for my adorable toddlers at school.
6. Baked Strawberry & Cream cupcakes with this cutie :)
7. Found these rad stamp pads at Lincraft for $2 per Pack - Steal!
8. Reorganised my 140 strong collection of wonderful washi tape.
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  1. I just wanted to ask, did you reply my letter? I sent it to you so many months ago but got no reply. Hope you're well.

  2. what a lovely store paper lane must be. :) and that washi tapi collection?..love it! so many pretty tapes. :)

  3. That's a lot of waashi tape!!!

  4. My tin of tape is full at about 52, I must be strong, I must not covet your drawer!

  5. That store is amazing. I'm going to check the web site ehere you got those ink pads. I always have wanted to get one.

    140 washi!!!!! Lol.

  6. Holy shizzle. Can I steal your washi tape collection? :) out of curiosity, where do you buy your stock from? I need to get some more tape and bored of my normal places :b

  7. Just wanted to let you know you've really been inspiring me to pretty up my mail! And boy - I thought my washi tape obsession (about 60 rolls) was deep. You've got twice as much as me!

  8. How is the quality of those Lincraft ink pads?

    LOVE your washi collection!

    x Jasmine


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