Outgoing Febuary 20th 2011

Just a post (as i've been very lazy) Of some of the mails I sent & wrote this week! I hope one is coming your way!

More coming soon :)

if you'd like a letter - or know someone who could use a little sunshine in their day, please let me know!


  1. So sad to have spoiled the surprise for myself! :D But happy to see such a lovely bit of mail is coming my way :) Thanks so much! And thank you for entering my giveaway! Gorgeous little blog! x

  2. I have been having a little facebook search this morning to find some crafty people like me to talk too! I have to say that after stumbling across your blog, you are RIGHT THERE AT THE TOP of my fav people list!! Tee hee. You're tape addiction has been making me chuckle as I discovered MT last week! I love it too. I love letter writing, sending people suprises and chatting about everything and anything. I'd love to write to you and send you a nice parcel. How do I do so? I have recently started a blog and go under the name of Lou La La, my facebook page is also Lou La La. It would be fab to hear from you!! Lots of love xxx


Thankyou For Spreading the Love! Keep Writing.
Peace & Love xo

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