My Lovely Little Sister.

After finding out I had a (rare) Thursday Off - I convinced my Little Sister to play hooky too & we spent a lovely morning walking along the beach, Eating a Delish Breakfast at our favourite Cafe' The Armchair Collective & writing lots of letters of course! - Relle would also like to send a big Merci Beaucoup - out to all those lovely souls who sent her mail - She is replying as we speak!

Also would like to pose a question to all you lovely bloggers/letter writer extraordinaires - Does anyone know of any current package swap blogs/projects (apart from Swapbot) Thanksyou!

Such a Pretty Postcard ++ My very First Postcrossing Stamp!

Note the AMAZING Harry Potter Font from Shannah <3

Wowwweeee - Certainly brightened up my Mail Box! from Jenny over at The Modest Peacock

This made me smile so much "Fanmail" <3

A Little Competition Update:// due to other exciting upcoming events you now only have until Saturday the 25th of February to Enter this wonderful Giveaway! Click Here to enter - Goodluck!


  1. wow so much mail! i love all the pictures! it's weird that your thursday is almost over, mine's just beginning! I do have a package swap project, but you already know about that right?

  2. Hello Love - I just contacted you via your blog - let me know what you think :)

  3. So much mail! I didn't have such a good mail day in ages! Does that means I don't have enough penpals? :)

  4. yay, the postcrossing stamp from holland! love the pictures :)

  5. I see mine but gosh what happened to the stamp D:!? I am sure I didn't put it on that way when I sent it! xD I also got my first Postcrossing stamp yesterday, they're really quite funky :) If only they mail a snail mail bloggers stamp... drat, maybe I'll put that in the suggestions box at the post office ;D

  6. Ooh your splatter envelopes are beautiful! and that is a lot of awesome mail, you lucky duck you!

  7. Glad to see you got my letter. :)

  8. Also, beautiful pic of you two pretty ladies.

  9. So much beauty in your mailbox Rin ;) Mine still isn't there yet :S Strange! I've sent you a mail! Also joined the give away of course ....! :) Lovely idea :)
    All the best,

  10. Sounds like you had a good time out with your sister. :)

    Pretty mail, as always. :)


  11. Wow! That checkered envelope is a work of art! I hope my letter gets to you at some point, since I sent it a month ago. haha Let me know if it doesn't come through.

  12. Oh Thank you lovely Rin!
    i received my Fantastic Parcel in the mail yesterday!.. it was an awesome mail day! i am endeavoring to create & return something to you asap!
    You really made my day a most excellent Friday.
    Have a lovely weekend! xcxc

  13. Hey Rin,
    I don't know if I'm the only one, but I can't see your photos. It says "Look who's popular! This image exceeds bandwidth with too many views. Go pro and get unlimited."
    That's sad because I always enjoyed looking at your photos so much!
    Too bad I missed entering your giveaway, but I just couldn't decide on a favourite quote - I think there are so many wise words by wise people. Well, I am wishing the others good luck!
    All the best and please do something about your pics so that I can admire your mail again :)

  14. I also can't see the photos sadly - the same problem as Caddi above.


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