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Hello Hello Hello All you Lovely Letter Writers - here we are at the beginning of what will hopefully be another wonderful week of mail! (I hope yours will be too!) It is strange for me to post at the beginning of the week - but I couldn't wait to announce the very lovely winner of the "100 Follower" Giveaway.. (Drawn via random.org)

A Big Congratulations to the lovely Marlou of the Netherlands!A wonderfully mysterious package will be on it's way to you very soon!

A Letter & Return Address Labels headed out to the lovely LR :)

Hopefully They'll be even more mail to "write home about" at the end of the week - Peace & Love <3


  1. Yay I see mine! I can't wait to get it... all of your envelopes are so lovely *__* I'm jealous :P

  2. hiya kim - sorry no I haven't! would you mind resending it to paperedthoughts@ymail.com - thanks :)

  3. that's funny, marlou is actually one of my pen pals! :) congrats marlou ;-)

  4. !!!! thank you so much!
    i already replied to your email :), but since i was out of the country i didn't see this lovely post until now. can't wait to receive it!

  5. SQUEEEE!!!! I just opened your lovely package! :) THANK YOU! :) I will reply very soon! (May take a few days to compose, but I can't wait to write!) :)
    See you at the Mailbox!

  6. OMG woww I see my envelope! *SO* excited! And you decorated it in my favortie color ~ royal blue ~ aww thanks so much! xo

  7. I just recently came across this here blog of yours and I'm so excited to that snail mail is still alive and well! In my younger days I was very much into pen-pals and such, and now that a vast majority of my friends have since moved away to college and what not, I've decided to take up snail mail once more. However, all the places I use to purchase stationary and other adorable paper goods have since closed. So, I'm wondering, do you have any favorite places to purchase letter writing materials?

  8. Hey Rin. I was just wondering If you got the Lenticular HP picture in your letter from me? I can't remember if I sent It to you. Got your letter the other day. Sending something special your way tomorrow ;D it's cool that our birthdays are 1 day apart!

  9. Hello Rin! I got yoUr mail today , thank you so much! I love it! I'm going to reply you today and send it to you tomorrow! I hope you will receive it and tAke care!


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