A Project, An illness & some very lovely Letters

Apologies! - Well not really :) I feel like I do an awful lot of apologising on this blog so I've decided to stop - I Adore receiving all your wonderfully beautiful letters, packages, postcards & comments.. but sometimes life gets in the way! Ugh silly life! Like this week when an awful bout of the shiveringskyhightemperaturecoughingsplutteringsneezingaching-itis came to stay - If I had it my way - I'd spend days on end writing letters, bringing the pages of my "Creative Life Ideas and such" journal to life & Blogging all about it.. However that is not the world I live in (not yet anyway!) - So for now I am doing my best to blog as frequently as I can - To respond to all your letters - and to appriciate all your beautiful comments & support (that one is easy!) 

So Hello! Lets get into another Beautiful week(x2) of mail!

Firstly a little peek at a project I have been playing around with for the last few weeks..

Lovely "Hey Pretty Thing" - Postcard - Heavy Cardstock - Pretty Fabric/Scrabble Letter Design

Beautiful "Love Letters" Postcard Set - Heavy Cardstock - Set of 3 Assorted Pretty Fabric/Scrabble Letter Designs.

Beautiful "Wanderlust" Postcard Set - Heavy Cardstock - Set of 7 Assorted Atlas/Scrabble Letter Designs.

The Frustration of not being able to find Lovely Pretty affordable postcards anywhere drove me to create some of my own! What do you think? - You can find them Here at my etsy store <3

and remember the lovely Marlou who won the giveaway at the begining of the month - here is the lovely little package on it's way over to her as we speak!

I Know I very rarely show the contents of the beautiful letters I receive - But I had to make an exception for these two from the lovely Jenny in Taiwan & The wonderful Sarah in the USA - They were just to beautiful to keep to myself!

Jenny's Amazing envelope & Adorable Letter <3

The Beautiful Valentine from Sarah <3

Another Beautiful Package from Reannen <3

My First Inspected Letter :) - Just a little heads up that Australian Customs doesn't like unsealed tea (or Tea in general!) too much - even though I love it!

The Lovely Marlous over at A Flood of Memories agreed to a package/blog swap with me :) here is the package that I created for her - What's inside? You'll have to wait & see!

Just a little snapshot of my reorganised washi tape collection(obsession) I need more.. don't you think!


  1. Such amazing mail! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love all those wonderful envelopes!! Now I want to do some mail art too :)

  3. you have such an awesome collection of washi tape. I wish I had that much. haha :) I have 3 rolls of washi tape that i got for Christmas. :)

    Love the postcards you made for etsy! :)

    A letter should be there soon for you. I sent it this past Monday. :) And also one to Relle.

  4. I love your washi tape collection! Oh and I can't wait to receive your package but OMG I included tea in my package!! hahaha I hope they don't ruin my package :(

  5. those postcards you created are lovely :)
    and hey....is all of that really on its way to me? WOW!!!! i'm SO SO SO excited to receive the package!

    all of the other mail looks amazing as well ; you really inspire me to send more.

  6. Hi Rin, Hope you are feeling better,
    The Postcards look so totally awesome!
    Seriously Love Them!!!
    Crazy... i was daydreaming about making cards etc
    out of scrabble letters too!
    x x

  7. at least the letter made it to you ;) I read you liked tea, so the thought was close. I always succeed in avoiding the customs when I send mail to Eva, don't know why they never opened my letter and I usually send candy AND tea ;) oh well, at least you have it :)

  8. I am very jealous of your lovely washi tape collection- I actually just ordered some about a month ago, only three rolls, though. Guess what I plan on ordering again soon? Oh yes... it's seriously addictive.

  9. Hello from California,

    I found your blog via sendsomething and I saw you had a penpal from Taiwan. I traveled there last year and would love to write to someone from there. Perhaps you could help me get in touch with her?

  10. I'm so jealous of your incoming and outgoing mail. It's all so beautiful. And your wash collection! Amazing.

    As for your postcards I love them. I do find it hard to find ones I love.

  11. Wow, your letter box has been super loved!! I love mail posts more than anything!

    And OMG, I love your washi tape collection! Mine's about half the size of yours and I thought I had a lot!!

    x Jasmine

    PS. Found your blog via your etsy store. LOVE it!

  12. Such a lovely assortment of both incoming and outgoing!!
    Did you ever receive the reply I sent to you in January or so?

  13. Wow, looks like the collection of a shop ;)) do you also find it hard to actuallu use the tape, hihi?


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