A First.

Ta-Daaa - My Very First Giveaway :) It's only small, but i spent a fair bit of time on it & I know all you Mail Artists & Letter Enthusiasts out there will appreciate it! There are 2 Packages to be given away to 2 Lucky Readers. Both Containing 4 Large & 4 Small Handmade envelopes (+ a Little extra surprise! Because who doesn't love a surprise in the mail!). The Envelopes are made out of vintage 1950 & 1960 Australian Magazines & Lined with Gold paper.

To Enter all you have to do is write a comment on this post (Please include some way I can get in contact with you - Email, Blog, etc.) It's that easy - 2 Lucky readers will be selected on Monday the 3rd of October.


  1. ohh..they look great!. I love homemade envelopes :)

  2. Very Cool! Love it! STUFFellaneous@yahoo

  3. Love the blog! And your envies are cute! (btw..I have been reading your blog for a while..why haven't I ever sent you a proper letter?? I am going to change that soon!) Penthiefmail@gmail.com

  4. Hi, I'm a lover of the good old letters and envelopes though I'm not even that old :) (just begining the ages with 3)I'm a teacher and I am trying to make my students love papers and pens and envelopes and the excitement of waiting for a letter so I have found your blog as I was searching for penpals for them. And those envelopes are just created for me. However I am a bit (!) far away from you (Istanbul/Turkey) Well, at least I have tried :) Very nice blog and keep writing :) hatice.dundar@gmail.com

  5. Dear Rin, I received your beautiful envelopes! They are amazing, the 3 little ones are soooo cute and the other are wonderful :D I love the paper , the design, the shape, the gold paper inside, everything! I'm very grateful. You made my day!


Thankyou For Spreading the Love! Keep Writing.
Peace & Love xo

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