Congratulations are in order.

Congratulations to Maria from "Penpals, Postcards & Swaps" and the very Mysterious "Pen Thief" - you will both be receiving a set of the vintage envelopes pictured below!

In other news - I have decided to open my very own little etsy shop :) selling all types of wonderful mailish-papery-lettery goodness! However I was bitten by the travel bug a few months ago & am taking a quick trip across the ditch (To New Zealand) for 3 weeks so I shall be getting it up and running as soon as I am home! Keep your eyes peeled! -


  1. Thank you Rin, can't wait to receive your beautiful envelopes!
    Greetings from NC and thanks again.

  2. I got my lovely envies today! Thank you so very much!!


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