2015 is going to be Amazing.

This year, In lieu of Christmas cards, I sent "2015 is going to be AMAZING" packages to friends, family and instafriends who inspire me daily. I stuffed them full of kindness, happy thoughts, confetti, sparkles and a little fortune fish. And then packaged them up in some wonderful clear envelopes and sent them out across the oceans.

 photo eyeemfiltered1419761519884_zps2zrqupp4.jpg
 photo eyeemfiltered1419761331063_zpskppmfezs.jpg
 photo eyeemfiltered1419761456528_zpskkjjyooj.jpg
 photo eyeemfiltered1419761384989_zpsiltrtosj.jpg
 photo eyeemfiltered1419761433556_zpsqdypl8me.jpg
 photo eyeemfiltered1419761498454_zpsgvs7g1pu.jpg


  1. Gorgeous mail and beautiful sentiments.

  2. You're such a beautiful person. I had seen those on Instagram and I just love the clear envelopes, it gives such a great look to the whole mail!

  3. Oh, so cute and colorful! Love the last photo of all the envelopes together. :)


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