Put up. Shut up.

Someday you're going to have to take the hard road,
a road that is probably going to royally screw you ten ways to sunday.
and when that day comes,
whether you're 17 or 42,
you're going to have to figure out how badly you want it.
do you want it enough?
because sometimes there isn't an easy road,
sometimes the things we want are at the top of a mountain
a mountain so freakin' high that it'll take all you've got to climb it,
it will take everything.
and you'll want to quit, and you'll struggle
and try and try and try to find another way.
you'll beg and plead and scream and cry,
you'll bargain and just when you think you've found a way!
Ha nope. There is no easy road.
so how bad do you want it?
Bad enough?
Okay good.
Put up. Shut up.
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  1. I found one of your thoughts on a bench in Melbourne while I was writing for my blog. Thank you for leaving the writing and I invite you to write for www.thisplaceifound.com

  2. Perfect! So blunt, i love it. There should be more of it in today's world. Thank you for sharing.


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