Somethings Changed.

A long, long over due explanation of absence is near. but first, let me tell you a story. My best friend asked me a question yesterday, that to anyone else may seem strange - but this is generally the direction of our conversations, strange and weird and wonderful. She asked me if there was one question I'd never been asked, but have been desperate to answer. (she blows my mind a lot of the time too.)

"Are you happy?"
That was the first thing that popped into my head. Two years ago I decided I wasn't happy. I was miserable, all the sadness and guilt and pain was anchoring me in a sea of negativity. So right there in a sufficiently unspectacular moment, i decided to change. I changed my thoughts, the way I loved, the way i woke up every morning. I changed it all & flooded my heart and life with light and love and happiness. blogging was a big part of that, connecting with people who had good intentions and kind words, a community of creatives who spread all good, happy, bright things. (So thankyou!) It began small, and it was a conscious effort, it took a while, but now it's almost effortless.
I can honestly say that I am Happy. every single day I am happy.
"Are you in love with your life?"
Now first let me say I think you can be happy, but not in love with your life. I think you can seek joy and happiness in every moment, but I think there is a different kind of peace that comes when you really fall in love with your life. and had I my best friend and I been having this conversation three months ago, this question would of never crossed my mind. but as soon as the question had burst into thought, I knew the answer. "Yes! Yes, Yes, Yes!" I am so in love with my life.
And so here it is. the reason I've been absent or MIA or missing from the pages of this blog. I am in love with my life. but in falling in love with it, I've realised I have to let go of certain things. I was driving myself into a wall - straddling two worlds, creativity and teaching. not being able to give either 100%, both were suffering. I wasn't in love with either of them anymore. "You can do anything but not everything." Bold words. so I made a bold move. I jumped, I committed and I fell in love with my life. I chose teaching, I enrolled in further study and put my entire heart (100% of it!) into my classroom.  and I am so. damn. happy.
But that's just it.. "You can do anything, but not everything.." So I'm letting go, just for a little while. I still have big plans and dreams and ideas for this space. But right now my heart is somewhere else. and it's just not fair to string you along. If you miss me you can find me over here on instagram.
But for now, Here's to best friends, an amazing community & falling in love with your life.
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  1. This is absolutely perfect!! Your words so clearly reflect my feelings and I wish I had thought of a way to explain myself. I sort of left my blog high and dry without an explanation and I miss it. But I just got my first teaching job (I'm so excited for my little first graders), but with the job came a big move--miles away from home--and a big empty classroom that needed my attention. I gave my whole heart to the move and my classroom. And while I wouldn't do it any other way, I know that my blog suffered and that still makes me sad. So I'm currently learning balance and I'm hoping that I can still manage both. But I will definitely remember that quote and be focusing most of my attention on school and my firsties!
    Thank you for your words and for making me realize that it's not okay to have everything together in every aspect of your life. xoxo

  2. What a wonderful post & a quote to go with it!

  3. I get where you are. I had to stand back from my blog since June. I am working on the loving and letting go of small things that tangle my day into an unpleasant mess. I'm hoping to re-enter blogging, but the truth be known, some of my passion for the mail topic had fizzled. So as soon as the direction of my blog becomes clearer, I'll consider continuing it.
    The pursuit of happiness is a hard path. Once you find yours, keep walking it!


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