Meet Unleash Creative ++ Win!!

If you're going to be in Sydney on May 4th you're going to want to be at the inaugural unleash creative Sydney event. Serious, there's going to be enormous amounts of colour, creativity, pretty things && lovely looking food. Oh and PS - I'll be there as one of your creative mentors! So come & write some love letters with me + connect with a bunch of creative chickas!

Where can you find us? - website // buy tickets // facebook // pinterest // twitter
++ don't forget to follow us on instagram - @unleashcreative

 photo 69b78f6d-868e-4cb1-ba81-da9f4a6ee99e_zpsb890096e.png
(photo credit - @unleashcreative) 
Check out the Photos below from the Unleash Creative Melbourne Event.
 photo 246b5f1b-8cce-4939-b59a-9dbd7199f59f_zps3b351feb.png
(Photo Credit - @sweetlittlepartyco)
 photo e7f53c53-582f-4bb4-9700-29fcfe8d4e9c_zpsf0d175e7.png
(photo credit - @unleashcreative)
 photo dec1a8d8-dda6-40ef-bf6b-f6a566f6aca9_zps2a699949.png
(photo credit - @frecklesandgingerdiy)
 photo 415bfa07-cfff-4247-a959-29e4c6895f91_zps42d8e630.png
(photo credit - @saratiefenbrun)
(photo credit - @thesweetlittlepartyco)

 photo 6ce10f24-410a-44d5-8514-efa43caa8a59_zps2fb0db1a.png
(photo credit - @kitiyapalaskas)
 photo 514dc738-d854-44f9-b4bf-92f9fa16d280_zpse7a4dee2.png 
(photo credit - @froggoosebear)

 photo 5f114709-af75-47eb-b829-0fdb6560d0e0_zps14c6da8b.png
(photo credit - @unleashcreative)
Now here's the amazeballs news - we're giving away a ticket to one of you beautiful people to come & join us for the Sydney event on May 4th!
How to Win: make sure you're following @paperedthoughts ++ @unleashcreative on instagram & repost the giveaway image below with the hashtag #PTfavouritethings (note the Australian spelling of favourite!) This giveaway is open to Australian residents + please make sure you're free May 4th to attend the Sydney workshop!

 photo ED81DED8-4452-4B37-B920-F58BBA3213C5_zpsov9pqe1j.jpg


  1. Beautiful Photos. They make me feel Happy :) what a AMAZING workshop to attend. Those bags looks like they are full of AMAZING things.
    The Mint pots ....UM HELLO YUM! hehe {I can almost taste them......almost }

    Such beautiful colours in your post.

    hugs xo

  2. Hi, I'm so happy to find your blog! I wish maybe someday I can be penpal with someone as creative as you. I have three penpals by now, but neither of them like handmade things and all the goodies, so I can get as creative as I want! But I'm running some kind of blog project - collecting the thoughts of postcrossers about the most important things they've learned in life.
    I'll be delighted if you visit it:

    Best regards, thank you for doing what you do!



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