Package Swap


  1. Omg I love you! Fancy doing a swap to Ireland?! anything you like/love? xo

  2. I absolutely love how you decorate your packages, Rin! Beautiful! :)

  3. Hi! I found you through instagram one day, and I must say that you are absolutely creative! I've begun pen palling and have used your letters as creativity inspirations (: If you would ever like to become pen pals, an offer is always open to you!

    Enough fangirling, I've come to comment mainly because I am working on a school assignment to design a magazine cover and I'm using one of your images as the cover photo (my assignment is a magazine proposal. Mine? Snail mail themed!). Just wanted to let you know! The final product is most likely not to be shown publicly... unless I post it myself.

    Anyways, you're amazing! (: I hope your day goes well!

    - Mary Kay
    IG @yakyram


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