Beautiful Eva Mitchell.

I was in New Zealand staying with my Grandmother almost a year ago when I switched on the TV & saw this beautiful little girl on the TV program 20/20 - I was instantly inspired - How could you not be! A Little girl with so much heart & a Mother who has strength beyond anything I've ever seen.

Now (not so!)little Eva Mitchell is turning 5 & her family & support has let everyone know that Eva really does love getting Mail & a bunch of pretty birthday cards would really make her day..
I'd love for you to all get involved & spread the love - this is such a huge milestone for Eva & her Family!

Eva Mitchell
Ward 25B, Starship Hospital
Park Road
Grafton, Auckland
New Zealand.  

Watch Eva's Story.
Visit Eva's Facebook page.


  1. What a wonderful thing to do for someone else.
    Our little family has sent her a birthday card.
    Thank you for helping us to spread the joy.


Thankyou For Spreading the Love! Keep Writing.
Peace & Love xo

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