Spring(Winter) Cleaning.

After a Week of being chained to my bed I am Finally up & About again - && What better way to celebrate than with a big Sprinter (Spring/Winter) Clean :) I thought I'd share with you - While it is free of papery mess! - a Few of my Favourite things around my room..

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Lauren Carney is by far one of my Favourite Artists - I Bought a set of her beautiful postcards (Mini Prints) at the "Finders Keepers" Market last December.. I finally found a place to display them :) I Whipped up a Paint Chip Garland - Found some itty bitty pegs & Strung it all up - Pretty hey!


My "Real World" Pinterest board :) A collection of my All time Favourite Envelopes, Photos, Postcards & other Bits & Pieces.. ++ My Huge Wall World Map.


Another Super Favourite shop of mine is Holy Kitsch - They have tons of amazing "Day of the Dead" themed items ++ lots of Vintage too!

Oh & Here is a little look at a few of the pages inside my 2012 Journal - Any Page/Idea Suggestions are loved <3



Currently Reading - The Scorpio Races by Maggive Stiefvater && Nothing - Janne Teller.

This week being stuck in bed wasn't all that bad - but with no incoming mail I had a little wander around the blogosphere & contacted some super sweet ladies to sent some mail too!

Danni from "Oh Hello Friend"

Tabitha from "Tabitha Emma"

Have a Wonderful Week Lovelies! - Peace && Love <3


  1. Hey lovely lady! You inspired me to get off the net and go make some mail art! <3 I hope you're having a lovely day! Wanna follow my blog?

    I haven't heard from you in a while!


  2. I sent you a letter ages ago (February), a reply. Have you gotten it yet? I haven't seen anything on your blog, I hope it didn't get lost!

  3. Definitely digging the washi tape page! I still have yet to begin my collection!

  4. I love all your out going mail ! <3 ... Wow! So creative!! I admire your talent so much:) btw how do you design your blog?? do you use the templatees on blogger or do you use a different source? I love your blog. Hope you got my letter. x0x0 Katie


  5. Its nice to have a nosey into someones little world. I also love all those envelopes, I always say it that I need to put more effort into mine but hopefully I will one day.

    BTW I like this banner but I loved the one that you made a while back with the bunting. I had wished it was mine :P

  6. love your journal ideas...mind if i take a few? ;) last month i started to make an art journal. i had never done one before and am happy with how it's turning out. some ideas that i use would be putting stationery on pages, different things i might get when out(postcards, business cards, interesting tags, pictures, etc..) i also love to write with gel pens. :)
    beautiful mail as always girl!

  7. i've heard a lot of good things about Maggie Stiefvater. You'll have to let us know if it's good! And I love your photos. Very inspiring!

  8. You always get absolutely gorgeous mail! Your blog makes me fall in love with mail art! I'm like drooling at my computer screen, lol! *v* I also love the journals you do! You're pretty crafty and creative, which is totally awesome! :) Would you be interested in doing a "Pen-pal Journal" for me? It's a project on my blog I just started doing again and I wondered if you would like to join! :) Oh and I must say I love that map on your inspiration board and the "have you seen this wizard?" poster of sirius...totally awesome! I'm so jealous of your room! <3

  9. I also wonder if you ever have gotten my letter :) I think you showed it on your blog, but afterwards I have not heard from you :(

  10. wow - what a beautiful collection of mail - I adore real, pretty mail
    you have a lovely blog too

  11. You are so talented!! love your snail mail letters

  12. Just saw the snail mail you sent to Tabitha on her blog....it's so gorgeous I had to come here and check out the rest of your blog :) You are one talented lady! Snail mail is one of the best things ever, I don't do it enough and you're making me want to change that!

  13. hello, hello, hello! I received your wonderful letter the other day. I can tell you, honestly, that your envelope brought a smile to my face!

    sent one back so hopefully you shall receive it soon x

  14. Your envelopes look absolutely wonderful! I love snail mail and always enjoying looking at what others create too<3


  15. You seriously send some of the most amazing letters and stationery. When I received my letter. I squealed a little :) I don't know how you keep up with everything but I'm glad you do because I love all your mail. You always inspired me to get back to letter writing.

  16. Your blog is amazing! It's by far one of my favorites I've seen so far, so inspiring! Your envelopes are gorgeous and they've made me very excited, I cant wait to see more!

  17. I received your lovely letter yesterday Rin, thank you! I'm very envious of your washi tape collection :) Have a great day x

  18. hi rin! you sound like my kind of girl. i'm a huge fan of snail mails too and have been collecting postcards since i was little. i love how you seem to put a lot of effort on the mails you send out and they really look so personal and lovely. you inspire me! :) kisses from dubai! - aizzing

  19. lady! really cute blog! I run the scribble project, so just wanted to say big thanks for putting a link in your sidebar, lovely to see you like the project.

    Your journal in this post is cuteee! I 'm a sucker for anything that's hand-drawn, neat and colourful. Maybe you'd have some fun with my book The Scribble Diary: www.thescribblediary.com - if you do end up having a doodle in it, let me know, it'd be fun to see your handiwork in there. xx

  20. I love that paint chip garland! You should do a tutorial on it, because I'd love to make on ... or, sell them on your blog. I'd definitely buy one :)

    x Jasmine

  21. Hey there Rin. It's taken me THIS LONG to a) write back to you (hope it's there by now) and b) check out your blog. THANKS for making contact. I think what you're doing is wonderful. If everyone could get a letter in the post every now and then I think we'd all be a lot happier! You certainly brightened my day! peace out lady! Zed.


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