A Sore Foot & A Surprise Package.

Positive = I have lots of time to Write some lovely letters & catch up on my TV Shows.
Negative = Sprained Ligaments in the ankle hurt like a B%$#* :)

Yes unfortunately After falling down some stairs at work I am on crutches/bed bound for the next week at least - Lots of Icebuckets, Elevation & Rest for me! (Don't you think my Compression Bandage looks pretty all washi-ed up - Courtesy of Mumma Bear)  :)

On A brighter note How Happy was I when the delivery man pulled up to my house and pulled out not one but 5 Packages - all for me! - It turns out I won the "Shop For Kids" Summer Competition && Inside was one of These doll houses by Swedish company "Lundby" ++ All the bits & Pieces to go along with it worth $900 - kinda made my day :)


Last Week I went a purchased a super cute mini glass vase from the ever adorable Little Paper Lane - On the drive home I had a brain wave & Shut myself in my room for an hour to create these adorable Washi Tape Twigs - They fit just perfectly in my new vases (&& They show off my lovely washi tape!)


Only 2 Letters so far this week from Two of the loveliest girls you'll ever meet!

Have a wonderful Week Lovelies - Keep Sending Mail :)


  1. Wow...5 packages for you!! :) BIG packages haha. Did you also receive my envelope Rin?

    Bye, Mariza

  2. FIVE packages???
    I am so jealous right now...

  3. Boo! Hope your feet gets well soon!
    And yay for letters and packages! I'm sure those made the pain a little more bearable ;)

  4. Oh no! How horrible! I did something similar a few years ago, except I dropped a platter on my foot and fractured my ligaments (totally didn't even know that was possible). I was on crutches for five months! I hope your foot heals quickly and that the crutches don't hurt your arms too much.

    How cool that you won a doll house! Amazing!

    x Jasmine

    PS. Love the washi tape twigs :)

  5. awe, i'm sorry Rin! i'll be praying that it heals quickly. :)
    you always decorate mail so lovely. :)

  6. Sorry about your foot.. I suppose my harry potter package never arrived to you from over two months ago.. :/

  7. Such lovely packaging!! Hope your foot feels better soon dear :)

    xo Shane

  8. oh no! hope your foot feels better! It must have been so fun to walk out and see all those boxes. :)

  9. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your foot! I hope you recover very quickly! Also, so nice that you received all those packages- the perfect thing to brighten the mood! :)

  10. Hi Rin! I hope your foot is feeling better! Wow 5 packages! That's amazing! Good for you! And did you receive my letter?(; if not I'll send another one!


  11. sorry to hear about your foot...but on a positive note, you totally have me inspired to write letters to friends...snail mail is so much better than a text. New follower here.

    xo erica

  12. i love that washi tape twig! as well as your new layout :)
    hope your foot gets better soon..!

  13. I am sure I am just not seeing it, but I would like to send you a piece of mail art! How can I join the fun?


Thankyou For Spreading the Love! Keep Writing.
Peace & Love xo

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