A Wonderful Week of Mail :)

Hello Lovelies.. I hope your Mail(& otherwise) Week has been Wonderful like mine! After all the mail delays of Christmas & the New Year I was so lucky this week to recieve so many beautiful letters! But first here is a little sneak peek into the giveaway packages that were sent out to the lucky ladies this week! (I wanted to keep the surprise for the giveaway winners so this is just a bit of the prettiness!)

Handmade Confetti, Paint chip Envelope Seals, Handmade Postcard sets, Handmade Multicoloured Washi Tape Bunting

A gorgeous set of Handmade Envelopes - & Seals & Address Labels going out to a lucky giveaway winner.

My newest Project - Gorgeous Handmade Buntings now for sale in my Etsy Store! this one says "Follow your Bliss" also avaliable - "You are Lovely" and "You are Loved" - just intime for valentines day!

Mini mailbox - LAST ONE
On a sad note I purchased this supercute mailbox from the lovely Missive Maven early december & unfortunately it has not arrived - this is no fault of Maven, but sometimes our wonderful mail system misplaces things (& I don't think the added stress of christmas & the New Year helped!) - So here is what im asking if anyone sees one similar to this please let me know! I am desperately seeking one! Thankyou!

My Amazing Package from the very lovely Kay!

Another Amazing Package from Kelly :)

2 Beautiful Letters from Mary & Holly!

AMAZING - from Mary

4 Amazing Postcards!

Best Stamps ever from a Penpal in Siberia!

A Lovely Mail art Envelope from Chloe'


I rejoined Postcrossing this week & sent out 10 PC :) Hopefully i'll get some fun ones in return!

Have a lovely week my fellow Postalites!


  1. Wowzerz such lovely pics Rin and your handmade items are delish!! :-) xx

  2. Hey Rin, do you think you could please blur out my return address?

  3. Ahhhh! I am honestly usually so careful - this is why one should never blog rushed or past 1am! Sorry again love! x

  4. Lovely long post Rin :)
    I recieved your letter today, thank you for the lovely postcards. I'll write you back soon!

  5. I received my package today! I feel so spoiled. : D

  6. My banner arrived today. I was floored by the care you took in all of it -- the banner itself, the way you packed it up, and THE ENVELOPE. visible above... can't wait for the blue one to arrive next!

  7. I love the way you write names in the envelopes. It's soo cool. I would love to know how you do that. Also I wish letter to Australia was not that expensive so I could swap with you. :) But I think I am going to send a letter to you pretty soon. Just wait for that. ;)
    Greetings from snowy Poland

  8. Hi, I just found your blog yesterday (already forget how) and I must tell you it's wonderful! I look forward to following you and getting lots of mail inspiration :)


  9. The snowflake stamps from Siberia are awesome! ~S.

  10. Hi Rin,
    i just discovered your blog today. Awesomeness!
    i love it!
    i love sending mail to my family & friends on homemade stationery. i'm curious how this works, is this mail from your personal pen pals or can any kindred spirit send?


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