Early Christmas Presents, A Summer Clean & Letter Update!

Eeeeek! Only 2 Sleeps till Christmas! Am about to go Christmas Grocery Shopping with Mother Dearest but thought I'd do a Quick Update - It is Image heavy, as I'm much to exhausted to type much! So away we gooo....

I ventured out to the Sydney "Finders Keepers" Markets that are held bi-annually.. If you ever find your self in sydney/melbourne or i think brisbane this is a MUST do! It's like Etsy come to life! Here are a few goodies I managed to get my hands on!

A Fantastic & Very Clever Zine by Mechelle B. You can find it Here!

The Above 2 Pictures are from a BEAUTIFUL zine "The time you were in Paris" it's written like a very long letter so I adore it!  you must look at it here!

These are my AMAZING Lauren Carney Postcards - Her artwork blows me away every time! her etsy shop is here!

I had a Good Summer Clean this week - I was Ruthless with my supplies & Gave away alot of bits & pieces/paper etc.



I have Nannied two gorgeous boys for 6 years now & the Eldest (who is 7) has taken a huge interest in reading & writing stories (Much to my delight!) So as I couldn't find anything that worked, i decided to create a Totally awesome place for him to write all his stories down! - This is the finished Product & very Happy boy!

There are 5 Dividers covered in Whimisical Papers - with an envelope for secrets on the back page!

Some More Delightful Postcards I have Made (on their way to some very special people!)

I got super spoilt from another family I Nanny for! All these Delightful Products were purchased from my Favourite shop in the entire universe! Little Paper Lane Seriously Gorgeous.

I Have been Searching High & Low for Air Mail Stickers - these are beyond amazing!

& A Lovely lot of Paper & Sticker Masking Tape Set!

INCOMING - I got some lovely Letters this week & My Etsy order from Paper Aeroplanes!

So Many Beautiful Things - it was hard to choose! Paper Aeroplanes @ Etsy

OUTGOING - A Christmas Package for the Beautiful Aly :) 
P.s (Sorry I was Super Busy & Popped the rest of my outgoing in the mail before I thought to take photos! Eeek!)

Just a Little list of my Favourite Books - what are you reading at the moment?

Remember to enter my giveaway! I'm So Ecstatic with the response to my second giveaway - keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for a sneak peek at the package!

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  1. Those books are so pretty and different. I also like all the different postcards/cards... sometimes I think I should go looking for more adventurous things but I'm far too lazy!

  2. Hey Rin, I can't find an email address for you but I wanted to tell you about my giveaweay on my blog! Its for Chewy Tulip goodies!


    PS. letter on its way to you!

  3. Hey, glad to see my letter arrived :D It was so cool to finally see what one of my letters looks like when it comes out at the other end of the world. Awesome Airmail stickers as well, so much cooler than the boring blue ones we have here!

  4. Hey Rin! I wanted to tell you that I wrote you back yesterday and I will be sending out my reply tomorrow!

  5. Hi, Rin! Writing to you this coming week!!! :)


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