A Brilliant Idea - Realised :)

So - As I said Yesterday I had a Brilliant Idea Pop into my head out of nowhere! - All you Letter writers know the cost of Postage & How it seems to be ever on the increase! So I am in a constant struggle to find things I can send to my Beautiful Penpals that they'll enjoy! So here is where my Brilliant Idea Comes in - A few weeks ago I started playing around with envelopes & the like and came up with an idea for "A Flat Mail Surprise" - An Envelope filled with beautiful(&Useful) bits of Ephemera I've collected all packaged up super pretty! The Pro's are it's Super Light weight (Between 3-6g) & Very Flat so that means low postage!

Here are a Few Pictures of the first two I have created - "Follow your Joy" & "Follow your Bliss" - They are both avaliable in my Etsy Store right now! www.etsy.com/shop/paperedthoughts

Lovely Readers of my blog will also be treated to 15% off my Entire Etsy Store Until December 30th! just use the code - "followyourbliss" www.etsy.com/shop/paperedthoughts 


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