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Unknown :

Brilliant work, Rin!! This is such a fantastic and inspired idea :) I'm looking forward to perusing through everything. Love Flick (ifelicityclaire)

Jasmine :

Hey I found this one the other day - it's so lovely


What a wonderful and resourceful post, Rin! Thank you so much for adding me within the Send More Mail Directory. This is definitely helpful and such a great start for those interested in mail swaps, pen pals, and finding new friends. I'll be sure to link back to this on my Monday mail post as well to help spread the word!

Filicia :

Whoa, this is a great resource and hopefully more people would be attracted to send more mails. I have a suggestion for the 'Beautiful Blogs' part, I think A Beautiful Mess is a great blog (abeautifulmess.com/), hopefully you would consider putting that blog (note: their blog is really active that's why it is my daily reads).
I talked about snailmail too in my blog though I have just started recently, ^^
Great job Rin!

amber :

I'll be sure to spread the word--this is fantastic!

amber :

Also, Paper Pastries is great in the shops/supplies category.

5childrenand IT :

What a great collection of links!
You could add Lettermo- http://lettermo.com/
and also The Indextrious Reader has a Postal Reading Challenge on her blog, 2014 is the second year of the challenge.

Jennifer :

What a good project! I am updating on snail mail on a regular basis on my blog too. (http://www.jenniferelbert.nl).

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