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"Mail Tag" refers to a game played via the post. It's a brilliant way to get to know someone, avoiding the boring 20 questions. The Game created by the talented Bianca Jagoe over at goodnight little spoon has inspired many an interesting conversation with my penfriends. Whether you're requesting a secret, Bucket List or receipt - there's bound to be a fantastical story behind what people send you. There's something about putting pen to paper, revealing more intricate and quirky things about yourself that is almost healing. Get to know yourself while you find out more about someone else.
"Mail-tag consists of an exchange of postal correspondence between (2) people. The first person begins the game by requesting one or more desired things. That person then mails those requests to the other participant - who interprets those requests, writes a list of their own requests for the other participant and sends them back. You can take as much or as little time to compose and send back your reply, ask for a few or as many things in your requests and generally interpret requests in whichever way you see fit." - Bianca Jagoe  
Bianca has a Handy Cheat Sheet Available Here
&& The Letter Writers Alliance blogged about it Here.
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So you want to play? Okay well you'll need someone to write to.
You can visit the "Send More Mail" Directory to find a Pen-Pal.
But Why not try & write to a friend or loved one? You'd be amazed at the things you'll find out about each other!

For More Inspiration take a peek at this #tag on instagram #mailtag
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Don't even know where to Begin? Here's a couple of suggestions - Don't be shy though, let your imagination run away with you!
10 Things I should Know about you

A List of you're Favourite Fictional Characters

Something you found in your wallet

A Book List

Who Inspires you?

10 Things on your Bucket List

A Spray of Perfume

Something Yellow

3 Things you were grateful for this week.

Things that make you feel cosy

A Business Card

Today's "To-Do" List

A List of Jobs you've had

A Receipt

Is there a Story behind your name?

A List of qualities important to you in a partner

If you'd like to suggest something to add or have any other questions please feel free to contact me.


Anonymous :

Thanks for the mail tag definition! I've been trying to find it everywhere :)

K Goodyer :

:) I think I've just found something fun to do with my pen pal!

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